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December 20,2017

 How to Install a Ceiling Fan

Adding a fan to your living room, bedroom and some other parts of the home can improve comfort greatly. Contact Mr. Electric of Fort Worth if you are unsure of how to go about choosing the right size and installing the fan. 

Choose the right size of the fan

In most cases, you will need a 36-inch fan for the longest wall that is less than 12-feet, you will need a 42-inch fan for a wall measuring between 12 and 15 feet, and a 52-inch fan for a wall that measures over 15 feet.

Installing a ceiling fan in an existing feature

You may need to upgrade a fixture after choosing the right size of the fan, and this upgrade will ensure that they hold the fan in place. In some cases, you may need a permit. In addition to the ceiling fan, you need to gather your tools, these include; the ceiling fan mounting kit, light kit, The down-rod extender, The dimmer switch, Voltage tester, wire cutters/strippers, wire nuts, the electrical tape, Hammer, Pliers, Adjustable wrench, screwdriver drill. You need to ensure that you buy the right stuff, contact Mr. Electric of Fort Worth for an explanation on National Electric Code (NEC) before buying materials.

Turn off the power and remove existing fixtures

Turn of the power from the breaker box. Electrical tapes and nuts from the wires of fixtures. Take the old fan off and remove the dust. Remove the existing ceiling box. Depending on the installation of the ceiling box, make sure the visible nails and screws that are attached to the frame of the box- It is easier to do this from above the box. 

Install new hanger bar and fan, and mount the fan bracket

The hanger bar should push through the hole just from the old electrical box. Once you push the bar through completely, rotate the perpendicular to the ceiling joists and then attach the fan box. Mount the fan bracket by simply threading the electrical wires through the center of the fan’s mounting brackets, and on top of the mounting screws. Or simply fasten the bolts and the nuts. 

Assemble the ceiling fan and attach the wires

Assemble your ceiling fan, along with the lighting kits, according to the manufacturer instruction. Attach the wires accordingly – for instance, the black and colored wire must be attached to the black wire in the ceiling box, and the white wire must be attached appropriately too. Contact Mr. Electric of Fort Worth if you are unsure of wiring requirements. With few screws, you should be able to attach the fan to the box, effortlessly. Once these steps are completed, you must attach the trim, lights and fan blades, according to manufacturer instructions. 

Contact Mr. Electric of Fort Worth for help

Sometimes, installing a new ceiling fan may not be as straightforward as you envisaged, this is the reason why you should contact a professional electrician to help install the fan appropriately without any hassle. Mr. Electric of Fort Worth offers 100% reliable ceiling fan installation services.