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January 11,2021

Should Your Business Invest in a Backup Generator? 

Running out of power can be both frustrating and potentially devastating for businesses. While some power outages only last an hour, there have been many instances where it’s taken days to get the lights back on. While these cases can be irritating for homeowners, a company that is forced to go several days without energy could suffer a major financial hit. One solution that many Fort Worth, Texas are businesses are turning to are backup generators. Installing a commercial backup generator in Fort Worth or a nearby DFW city, is an excellent and affordable way to ensure that your company stays in control, even during an emergency. Outages are on the rise across America, and recent storms have proven that not even modern technology and innovation has managed to put an end to week long grid failure. North Texas is well known for its unpredictable weather patterns, tornadoes and violent thunderstorms, which is why many DFW businesses are eagerly investing in their own generators. At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we help local Fort Worth, TX area residents and businesses get the power they need, and want to help you do the same. If you’re a nearby business located in the DFW metroplex, our licensed and insured electricians are ready to help. Still can’t decide if a generator is right for you? Here are a few things to consider before making your final decision. 

Do You Live in an Area with Frequent Storms or Power Outages?

Not everyone lives in an area where storms or outages occur very often. However, no city on the planet is completely free from some form of natural disaster or human error. Whether an outage is caused by a thunderstorm, hurricane, earthquake or power plant mistake, the result is the same for homes and businesses in the area. If you are located in North Texas, then you know how often the area experiences flooding, hail storms, tornadoes and other extreme weather conditions. Power failures do frequently take place in DFW, and installing a backup generator can leave you standing strong even if the buildings surrounding you are forced to close their doors. 

Is Your Company Dependent on Electricity to Remain Productive?

Very few modern-day businesses could continue running without power. While manual cash handling and battery powered lights can work for a few hours, it isn’t practical long term. Most businesses, from restaurants to web design firms, rely on electricity for the most fundamental aspects of the job. In some circumstances, local regulations wouldn’t legally allow a business to remain open to the public without the proper amount of power. In these circumstances, it’s best to be prepared. Having a backup generator in Fort Worth can keep your company open for business. 

Could Your Business Close for Several Days Without a Taking a Major Hit?

For most businesses, going several hours or days without electricity would force them to completely shut down until power is restored. That means client projects come to a halt, productivity ceases to exist and money stops flowing in, despite having bills that need to be paid. Employees can also fall behind financially from a sharp cut in pay due to reduced hours. There aren’t a lot of companies in existence that wouldn’t lose hundreds or thousands of dollars from just a single afternoon without power. If a major, multi-day outage occurred, it could lead to massive difficulties down the road that are hard to bounce back from. When you have a generator, not only will your company avoid these losses, but you might gain a substantial number of new customers who otherwise would have gone to your competitor. Being one of the only businesses remaining open to the public during an outage can significantly boost your revenue and help to develop a trusted relationship with new clients. 

Ready to Install a Backup Generator for Your DFW Business? Call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth 

Is your Fort Worth, TX area company ready to install a backup generator? If so, then call the certified electricians at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth. Our knowledgeable staff is available now to discuss your needs one on one and can also help schedule a convenient appointment with a DFW commercial electrician near you.