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September 21,2020

How to Replace an Outlet

Our Purpose for Outlet Replacement at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth 

At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, our biggest concern is the safety on your property ad home. With annual outlet maintenance checks and replacements your home and property can be as safe as it can be. Outlet replacement is one of the most important and effective ways to child proof and create a safe environment for your property and home. Electricity can be already be a hazard, but with outlet replacements and maintenance check of the outlets with Mr. Electric, we can ensure your family and employers safety!

Our Tips on How to Replace an Outlet

At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we go through multiple steps when replacing an outlet.

Determining your Outlet Type

Before starting any technical, electrical work, we make sure to have the correct outlet type for your installation. Under specific circumstances, such as rooms with more exposure to water or outdoor areas, you may need certain types of outlets that take different precautions to resist any special conditions, so it is important that you have the correct outlet type.

Identifying Your Outlet Options 

After recognizing what your current outlet type is, it is important to identify your updated outlet options you’d like to replace your current outlet type with. It is important, again, to note what conditions the outlet will be in and to note that the amperage of the replacement outlet matches the amperage of the circuit breaker. Our professional electricians main tip in this process is to buy a new outlet that looks exactly like the old one if you are ever in doubt!

The Actual Replacement Process

Before starting the real process, take some electrical safety precautions first! It is important to note that a switch will not always be reliable in cutting power. You should trip the breaker to the outlet you are replacing, so you do not end up being shocked by the outlet. It is also important that you test if the electricity is cut off with a voltage tester prior to starting any electrical replacements. 

To start the actual replacement process, remove the plate cover with a screwdriver and test all wires for currents again to ensure safety when going further into the process. Next, remove the receptacle from the wall box by removing the mountain screws. Then, identify your wires. It is important to note that depending on how old your receptacle or home is, the more different your wires can look to modern wiring. Calling an electrician is safer when going through this identification process. In general, however, black ‘hot’ wires are connected to brass-colored screws, white ‘neutral’ wires are connected to silver-colored screws, and green or bare ‘ground’ wires are connected to a green grounding screw on the receptacle. Lastly, verify proper wiring and carefully disconnect and reconnect your wires. Our electricians recommend that you disconnect one wire at a time and install that wire on the new outlet before starting on another wire, so your wiring doesn’t get mixed up or end up being installed incorrectly.