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January 16,2022

How To Troubleshoot Your Electrical Outlet

Your electrical outlets are your connection to electricity, and having an electrical outlet suddenly stop working can put your chores and work on hold. Fortunately, electrical troubleshooting can have you back on schedule without having to call in a nearby electrician. The bad news is that some cases will require the expertise of a qualified electrician. Mr. Electric of Fort Worth is ready to help in both situations. In this short article, we have some troubleshooting tips. We are also ready to take your call and schedule an inspection or repair. We can also arrange an urgent dispatch for emergency situations.

Safety First

Before we get to troubleshooting the electrical outlet, we want to emphasize the importance of safety when handling electricity. You should leave this work to a qualified electrician if the outlet is making unusual noises, overheating, or smoking. Also, make sure to keep liquids away from the affected areas and wear electrical insulated gloves when dealing with electricity.

In general, do not overburden electrical outlets with multiple power strips and adaptors. Do not plug in anything other than the right-sized plug into the outlet. Finally, make sure all outlets are covered securely to protect children and pets from electrocutions.

Reset GFCI Outlet

Electrical outlets that are vulnerable to moisture, such as outlets in the kitchen and bathroom should be protected with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI). These outlets will turn off when they come into contact with water or moisture, and they have two buttons: a RESET and a TEST button.

If the GFCI outlet has "tripped," the RESET button will probably be protruding out. In this case, push the button inward to reset the outlet. If the outlet trips again, then there might be moisture in the unit. Do NOT force the reset button. Call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth to have an electrician take a look.

Check the Electric Panel

It is also likely that the respective circuit breaker has tripped. Head to your breaker panel and inspect the rows of circuit breakers. Look for a breaker that is in the OFF position. It should be labeled, identifying the circuit it controls. Flip the switch back into the ON position and see if the electric outlet now works. If the circuit breaker automatically trips back OFF, then do not force it. Again, call Mr. Electric to have an electrician take a look.

Bad Wiring

If the GFCI outlet or the respective circuit breaker is NOT tripped OFF, then the electrical wiring might be damaged or loose. If you have some experience with electrical work and trust yourself, then you can unscrew the outlet to take a look. Be sure to turn off the electricity before you attempt such work! You can do this by switching the respective circuit breaker OFF. With the electricity off and the outlet’s faceplate removed, you can lightly tug on the wires to see if they are connected firmly.

If you prefer to avoid the risk of electrocution, then leave this work to a qualified electrician. Mr. Electric of Fort Worth is happy to schedule an appointment or arrange an emergency dispatch to your location.