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March 12,2023

Fuse vs. Circuit Breaker

Your fuse or circuit breaker is the hub for all your home’s electrical systems – your lights, your outlets, etc. It disperses the electricity to everything in your home. Your breaker is an important part of the functionality of your home, and by having the proper breaker system installed, you’ll be protected from overloads and shortages. If you ask any team member from Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, they always recommend checking in our your system often so you can determine if something is wrong or not. We offer a wide variety of electrical services in Fort Worth, TX.

When it comes to breaker systems, there are two common types used in houses today – Fuse or circuit. Each one has different reasons for why they are used, and like everything, there are good and bad things about each. 

Fuse Box

Fuses are little plugs that have a filament inside that will meltdown when it overheats. When the filament inside melts, you are no longer able to receive electricity from that fuse until you replace the old one. If you’ve ever heard the term ‘blown fuse’ this is what it refers to – you’re electrical temperature has reached its maximum capacity and the fuse is no longer able to be used. 

When trying to determine if one of your electrical fuses needs to be replaced, you want to look through the clear tip of each fuse. If it’s still clear, you do not need to replace it right now. If the clear tip is cloudy, you need to replace that fuse as soon as you can. With this type of breaker system, it’s better to replace your fuses before they blow.

The good thing about a fuse box is that they were created to last a long time. While they were meant to last a long time, they aren’t as convenient and efficient as they once were. The problem with this type of breaker system is that they aren’t meant to disperse energy into a lot of things – if your family is all charging their phones and watching their TVs at the same time, you’re more likely to blow a fuse easily. 

Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are electromagnetic on/off switches that control the electricity that runs through your home. When a single circuit pulls too much electricity, your system will overload and the entire thing will switch to ‘off’, or ‘trips’ your breaker system. 

If you ask any of the local electricians at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth which type of breakoer they prefer, it would be a circuit breaker. Most fuse breakers are replaced with circuit breakers because they are much more efficient and convenient. Circuit breakers can handle a lot more electricity, meaning your ‘trip’ your breaker far less. 

Which one is best for you?

We asked our team members here at Mr. Electric of Forth Worth what their thoughts were on the two different types of breaker systems, and they all agreed that circuit breakers are a lot better for your home.

While fuse breakers were the only type of system that was used years ago, Circuit breakers have become much more popular in recent years. They are much more efficient and convenient, and they can handle everyone using their electrical devices at one time!