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March 11,2022

How to Choose the Perfect Exterior Light Fixtures

Are you frustrated that your outdoor area doesn't match the stylish image you want to project? Not sure how to choose exterior lighting fixtures? With so many options and designs, it's essential to plan for an easy installation and a cohesive look across all light fixtures in your space. The best way? Work with Mr. Electric in the Fort Worth area. Mr. Electric has reputable electricians that specialize in outdoor lighting installation. We have plenty of experience helping homeowners create the look they're going for with porch lights, landscape lighting, post lanterns, etc.


Light fixtures can be a significant feature in your home, so choosing the right ones is essential. You want lights that are large enough to illuminate your yard. But you also don't want them to overpower the space or look too bulky. If you have a large yard, you might want two or three fixtures placed along the perimeter of your property. If your yard is smaller, one fixture can work fine.

Depending on where your exterior light fixtures will be located, you may need something durable enough to withstand wind and rain. Or you can use less-durable materials like wrought iron or aluminum if they will be placed closer to the house. A few feet away from the house, though, these materials won't hold up as well against harsh weather conditions.

Color and Style

Choosing an appropriate style is just as important as selecting the right size and material for your lights. For example, if you have a Victorian-style home with lots of gingerbread trim, traditional lanterns would look great on either side of your front door. If you have more contemporary tastes, the modern design may be best for your home.

Color temperature refers to how warm or cool a light appears when seen by the naked eye. Lights with lower color temperatures seem warmer (redder), while higher color temperatures appear cooler (bluer). You can usually find the color temperature rating on an exterior lighting fixture's packaging or manual.

Level of Illumination

Light fixtures are rated in lumens. A 100-watt incandescent bulb produces about 1,500 lumens, while a 60-watt equivalent LED bulb produces 800 lumens. The higher the lumen rating, the brighter the light will be.

You may want to consider how much ambient light you need at night for outdoor lighting. If you live in a rural area, you might not need as much illumination as someone who lives in an urban setting with streetlights nearby.

Mounting Height

The height of the exterior light fixture should depend on where you want to install it. If you want it to be visible from far away, you should go for a higher mounting height so people driving by your house can easily see and think positively about your home. However, if you want it to be hidden in the bushes and trees, a lower mounting height would be better since it won't be visible from far away but only from up close.


The placement of your exterior lights will depend on whether they will be mounted on a wall or a post. If they are going to be mounted on a wall, you have more flexibility in where you can place them. You can also use different exterior wall sconces depending on where you live. In colder climates, it's common to see outdoor wall sconces that contain heaters and turn into lanterns when it gets dark outside. These lanterns provide ambient and task lighting for people who want to enjoy their backyards after sunset. They are also great during the winter months when it gets darker much earlier than usual.

If you're going with post-mounted lights, it's best to choose a tall post so that your eyes are at least 2 feet above ground level when looking directly at it from the bottom up (especially if you don't want people looking up at your house). The taller posts also make them more visible at a higher level.

Update With Mr. Electric

There are quite a few options available for exterior house lighting. It can be confusing to know what to choose, which is how Mr. Electric can help! Many factors come into play when choosing the right type of light fixtures, and choosing the right size, color and style go a long way in enhancing a home's appearance and value.

Transform your home with exterior light fixtures by calling Mr. Electric in the Fort Worth area today.