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September 19,2022

What Are the Benefits of Whole-Home Surge Protection

As the name suggests, a whole house surge protection system acts as a superior line of defense against power surges. In other words, whole-home surge protectors shield your home against electrical voltage spikes or surges. Such spikes can be caused by electrical overload, lighting strikes, faulty wiring, and power outages. When a whole-home surge protector detects a power spike or power surge, the device blocks it or grounds it to prevent damage to your electronics and appliances.

In this article, we’ll share some of the advantages of installing a whole house surge protector.

How Does a Whole-Home Surge Protector Work?

A whole-home surge protector is hard-wired to an electrical system. When the device detects an electrical voltage spike or surge, it kicks into action and blocks the excess voltage or diverts it into the ground via a ground wire.

Benefits of Whole-Home Surge Protection

Protection of Home Appliances

The average U.S. home has more appliances and electronics than ever. Appliances and electronics in your home are all at risk for electrical voltage spikes generated by power overloads, lightning strikes, and power outages. While point-of-use surge protectors can help to protect individual devices from power surges, they are hardly capable of protecting all the devices in your home. A whole house surge protector is hard-wired directly to your home’s electrical panel to prevent damage to your appliances and electronics. Plus, a whole-home surge protector costs a lot less than having to replace expensive appliances and electronics. Having an added level of protection gives you peace of mind, knowing that your electronic gadgets and electrical equipment are safe.  

Protects Your Home’s Entire Electrical System

A whole-home surge protector not only protects your electronic gadgets from damage, but it also safeguards your entire electrical system against power surges. Depending on the strength, a power surge can blow your service panel and electrical outlets or even cause damage to your electrical wiring. By installing a whole-home surge protector, there’s a less chance of a power surge causing costly damage to your property’s electrical system. This saves you money on electrical repairs.

Electrical Fire Prevention

Power surges shouldn’t be taken lightly. They can cause overheating, electrical arcing, and fires. With a whole-home surge protector, high electrical voltages cannot reach internal circuits. Taking steps to prevent your home from electrical fires will not only save you money, but will also provide you with peace of mind.

Is It Time to Install a Whole-Home Surge Protector? Call Mr. Electric to Help You Out

Whole-home surge protector installation is a job that should be left to a knowledgeable and experienced electrician. Unless you are a professional electrician, it is strongly recommended that you hire a reliable electrician to help you with whole house surge protection installation. At Mr. Electric, we can help you with whole-home surge protector installation and all of your residential and commercial electrical needs. Our skilled electricians are equipped with the right tools to install different types of surge protectors in residential and commercial properties.