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May 26,2024

Switching to Smart Lights in Fort Worth, TX

Controlling the lights in your home with your voice or through the smartphone is perhaps one of the most convenient ways of making your home’s lighting system smarter. Popular brands like Phillips do provide Hue bulbs, and other brands such as IKEA and Hive, are becoming popular too. If you want to switch to smart lights and you are unaware of how to go by it, you may want to consider Mr. Electric of Fort Worth for help. 

What exactly is smart lightning and what do you need to switch to smart lights?

Simply put, smart lighting is a type of lighting you can control remotely especially through an app. These smart lightning components like bulbs will transform your home especially with the way they change colors and intensities. With smart lighting, you can vary the lighting requirement for different purposes, for instance, when you want to watch movies, dinner time, bedtime and even reading time. Some smart lightning solutions can be used to make your home’s external landscape more attractive. Switching your light from one feature to another can be done by a simple tapping from the phone.

Smart lighting system usually requires a mesh of networking, whereby each lightning component such as the bulb, is wirelessly connected to its closest neighbor. This lightning network is then controlled by a single hub that can be plugged directly into the router which also enables other network devices such as smartphone and computer. Some smart lightning features do come with controls that allow you to control your smart lightning far away from your home. Not all smart lighting systems will require a hub, but all smart lightning system require wireless connectivity. You can also accessorize some smart lighting systems, for instance, you can attach motion detectors or even use dimmer switches or even generate some fancy colors. Some smart lighting systems can also provide information, such as weather forecasts or send alerts for an incoming phone call or messages. 

Mr. Electric of Fort Worth is a single one-stop solution for your smart lights

One of the finest features of smart lighting is that you can connect your control hub with virtually all new gadgets in the world today, these include the likes of Amazon Echo, Apple’s Home kit, The Phillips Hue system, Google Home and many other Voice assistance devices. To enjoy the most from your smart lighting system, you need to hire the certified experts who understand the way and manner smart lighting system works. These lightning experts can also provide a personalize smart light effect for your indoor and outdoor areas. 

Electricians from Mr. Electric of Fort Worth can provide a smart lighting system that will include securing lightning effect which relies on motion sensors, as well as landscape beautification lightning system that enhances the appearance and value of your home from the outside.  With Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, there is no limit to the options of smart lightning you can get, and all these services are available at affordable rates with 100% guaranty.