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April 08,2022

Do You Need Dedicated Circuits in Your Home?

Are you constantly struggling with tripped circuit breakers or the lights in your home dim for no just cause? This could be the ideal time to contact Mr. Electric of Fort Worth technician to add extra dedicated circuits in the home. The wire and circuit in your home will draw electricity but when a higher energy-drawing appliance is added to the circuit, it will become overloaded and that causes the circuit breaker tripping. Some of the notorious appliances that require a dedicated circuit are; HVAC systems, freezers, refrigerators, ovens, stoves, washers, dryers and dishwashers. 

Other appliances that may require the dedicated circuit

There are some small appliances that draw much energy and if you use several of them at the same time, you will have to get a dedicated circuit. Other appliances that may need a dedicated circuit are; Microwaves, toasters, hair dryers, water heaters, vacuum cleaners, garbage disposals, space heaters, garage door openers, sump pumps, window air conditioners, hot tubs, pools, jacuzzi, some office equipment, saunas, power tools and other equipment that operate on motors. 

Not having a dedicated circuit can make things difficult on your wires. You should consider talking to a certified technician at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth for help. When appliances cannot get the adequate amperage to operate, their longevities are greatly reduced and the constant trip-offs can be highly embarrassing to you and your family. The breaker trip simply indicates that there is overloading and could result in a fire outbreak when not handled when wires overheat, they degrade and that will further increase the risks of fire outbreaks. Don’t wait until the lives of your family members are endangered before you contact a certified electrician.

Do you have dedicated circuits but still having problems?

If you reside in older homes (older than 30 years) and you have circuit panels installed, then you will need an upgrade to the electrical panel. The older electrical panels pose serious problems in older homes because they are highly susceptible to overload. Upgrading your electrical panel will make dedicated circuits more efficient. Aside from the susceptibility of old electrical panels in older homes, lack of maintenance services can even worsen the situation. There are modern electronics that make use of between 100 and 200 amps compared to the 60-amp appliances found in older homes. You can rely on the expertise of Mr. Electric of Fort Worth for an upgrade. 

Tripped breakers and older equipment can ruin your home, and you must not wait until such happens before you contact Mr. Electric of Fort Worth. In addition to providing reliable circuit breakers and modern electrical panels, we will also provide you with safer and energy-saving options for appliances. We make use of tested and clinically proven electrical components as part of our upgrade plans for residential and commercial premises. We also provide cost-effective and budget-friendly electrical maintenance service to ensure that your electrical system is functioning at optimal levels. We will recommend any necessary upgrade to reduce the risks of rip-offs.