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June 28,2022

Can Turning Off the Lights Really Save You Money

Most people remember being scolded by their parents for leaving the lights on when walking out of the room. However, with today’s energy efficient bulbs, can families still keep costs down by simply switching off the lights? At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we help DFW area home and business owners get the most from their electrical systems. Are you wondering if keeping the lights off can put more money in your pockets? Here is some helpful information that can help.

Understanding Bulb Varieties

Cost savings will vary widely depending on the kind of bulb in use. Halogen lights for example are far less efficient than CFL and LED bulbs. Therefore, turning them off is always the best option. CFL lights are a little more complicated. Turning the lights on and off in short intervals may actually cost more money than simply leaving them on the entire time. If you plan on leaving the room for more than 15 minutes, turn your CFL bulbs off. If you’re planning on going back in less than 15 minutes, just leave them on. Another factor to consider is whether the bulb will wear out faster with every switch. This is mostly true with fluorescent bulbs. LED lights are extremely effective, and turning them on and off requires no additional energy consumption, nor does it reduce the longevity of the bulb. Therefore, turning them off when not in use is probably the best choice. 

How to Calculate Savings 

If you really want to know how much you’ll be saving, it requires a little math. On the package of every bulb, it should explain the wattage. So, for a 40 watt bulb, it will require .04 kWh per hour to keep the light on. Then you need to know how much your electric company charges per kWh. For simple calculation, we can use the example of a 10 cent per kWh rate. If this was the case, you would save about .004 cents per hour by turning the light off. That may not seem like very much. However, if you were to leave that bulb on unnecessarily for 8 hours per day for a year, it would cost you $11. Multiply that by the number of bulbs that get left on and you can see how the total annual costs can add up quickly. 

Ways to Reduce the Energy Costs of Your Lighting Systems

If you’re looking for ways to keep your energy costs down, there are a few simple steps to take. First, it’s best to switch your outdated energy hungry bulbs with efficient LEDs. In the past, replacing bulbs was expensive, but today’s LED lights are so affordable that it’s well worth the effort. If you want to go an extra step, consider installing smart technology for your indoor and outdoor lighting systems. These incredible devices will allow you to use special features, such as timers and motion detection to help keep usage to a minimum. Best of all, families can monitor their energy consumption data 24/7 and even control their lights from their smartphone or tablet when they’re at the office or away on a trip. 

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