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August 09,2019

Important Safety Tips for Kids

Electricity offers modern day families luxuries and conveniences that have never existed before. However, the additional cords, plugs and electrical devices can also present extra hazards. While safety is important for people of all ages, it’s especially vital to inform and educate children about proper use of their electronics and appliances. At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we enjoy helping local North Texas homeowners and businesses find new ways to improve the safety and efficiency of their electrical system. WE want to do the same for your DFW area family. Are you looking for ways to keep your kids safe from electrical hazards? Here are some safety tips that can help ensure the health and happiness of your little ones. 

Use Safety Outlet Covers if Young Children Are in the Home

It’s possible to teach older children appropriate techniques for maintaining their electronics. Unfortunately, toddlers and infants can’t comprehend advanced instructions. To ensure their protection, it’s best to use prevention devices like childproof outlet covers to make sure their tiny hands stay far away from any electrical current. 

Avoid Overloading Outlets with Too Many Devices

Older children use a lot of technology. A teenager’s bedroom for example might contain phone chargers, laptops, desktop computers, tablets, televisions and multiple video game consoles. It can be tempting for children to overburden outlets by using plug bars that have way too many electronics in use at one time. This could lead to short circuits, property damage and might even spark an electrical fire. Make sure there are enough outlets available in areas where your kids are most likely to use their favorite devices. 

Educate Children About Cord Safety

As soon as your child can appropriately comprehend electrical safety lessons, begin to inform them about how to handle cords and plugs. Show them how to safely plug in and unplug a cord so they’re aware of the proper technique. Yanking on cords can cause big problems overtime, potentially exposing wires or pulling outlet components out of place. 

Have an Evacuation Plan in Case of an Electrical Fire

Electrical fires are more common than the average family would like to think. It’s always best to prepare children ahead of time, so they know exactly what to do in an emergency. Create a family evacuation plan and explain to the kids which steps to take to get safely out of the home. 

Don’t Neglect Outdoor Outlets and Extension Cords

Kids spend a lot of time outdoors. Such activities are great for growing children, but they can become injured if the family isn’t taking precautions. Teach your kids to stay far away from transformers and electrical boxes. Also, watch out for exposed outdoor outlets, extension cords and holiday lights that can present unnecessary hazards. 

Need a Certified Electrician to Improve Electrical Safety in Your North Texas Home?

Do you need an electrical repair, new outlet installation or upgrade? Then call the experts at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth today. Our certified and insured electricians are ready to put their tools to work for your children’s safety. Contact our office for more information about our services or to schedule your next appointment.