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June 28,2022

How to Protect My House Against Power Surges

Modern-day households are often filled with the latest technologies, from eco-friendly appliances to luxury entertainment systems. However, those investments can be at risk if property owners neglect to protect against power surges adequately. At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, TX, our electricians offer local customers premium services, including whole house surge protection installation. If you want to make sure that your favorite devices can withstand a powerful electrical surge, then it's time to take the leap and prioritize surge protection.

Why Do Power Surges Happen?

Power surges can be caused by many different sources, including:

  • Manipulation of live wires from animals, tree branches, or strong winds.
  • Extreme weather conditions cause rolling blackouts.
  • Downed wires from traffic accidents or high winds speeds.
  • Poor electrical wiring.
  • Lightning strikes.
  • Issues with your local utility company.
  • Power-hungry home appliances.

How Common Are Power Surges?

Many people assume that power surges are only caused by lightning bolts. Since the likelihood of getting struck down by lightning is viewed as a rare occurrence, many homeowners don't think that surge protection matters. However, this perspective has many flaws. In truth, power surges happen very frequently for a variety of causes. In fact, property owners might want to note that more than twenty million lightning strikes occur each year in the US, and many insurance companies don't include coverage for losses caused by this. In addition, the average household can experience up to 20 small power surges in a single day. The majority of these surges occur internally when turning energy-hungry appliances off and on, which can temporarily disrupt the electrical current running through your system.

What's So Bad About Power Surges Anyway?

Strong power surges caused by storms, downed power lines, or a large blackout can cause immediate damage to expensive electronics. However, even the smaller surges can have a negative impact over time. You may not notice every time one of these surges occurs. Still, it will drain the lifespan of your most essential appliances, causing homeowners to need more repairs and premature replacement of items like desktop computers, entertainment systems, refrigerators, water heaters, and ovens.

How Can Homeowners Protect Their Investments from Power Surges?

Whole house surge protection installation is the best way to keep your devices safe from power surges. Experienced electricians can safely perform this essential service to help reduce significant damage from unexpected electrical issues. It is also vital to ensure that your internal electrical system is up to date. If you live in an older home with poor quality wiring and non-grounded outlets, then you are still putting your home at risk of internal surges and possibly even electrical fires. An electrical inspection can ensure that your home is safe from potential hazards.

Need Whole House Surge Protection Installation for Your Property?

If it's time to invest in surge protection, there's no need to put off this important upgrade. Call the electricians at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, Texas, to learn more or schedule your next appointment.