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December 04,2022

Do You Need a Breaker Box Replacement?

People often take their breaker box for granted and don't think about it until something goes wrong. Whether you have a burning smell in your house or the breaker keeps flipping, you may need a replacement immediately. Contact Mr. Electric directly for a professional electrician to replace your breaker box if that's the case.

Does Your Breaker Box Keep Tripping?

If your lights constantly flicker or you can only run one appliance at a time because the rest of them keep tripping, then it may be time for a new breaker box. This could be caused by several reasons, such as an overloaded circuit or faulty wiring. A qualified electrician from Mr. Electric will inspect your breaker box to determine what needs to be replaced and how much it will cost.

Do Circuit Breakers Flip When You Plug Something In?

Another sign that you may need a breaker box replacement is when the circuit breakers flip when you plug something in. When this happens, it means that there is not enough power available for the device that was just plugged in, and so, therefore, it trips the breaker on purpose so as not to damage any items within your home or business.

Do You Have Any Type Of Burning Odor?

If you smell burning when you turn on an appliance, there could be a problem with one of the circuits in your home. This could mean that one of the breakers has tripped or has too much load on the circuit and needs more amperage. A Mr. Electric technician can perform an inspection to determine if this is a problem you need to address immediately or if it can wait until later down the line when there are no more emergencies in the house!

How Old Is Your Current Breaker Box?

If it is more than ten years old and has not been updated since its original installation, then the chances are that it will need replacement soon. While most modern homes have circuit breakers instead of fuses, this doesn't mean that they don't have potential issues too!

Do You Have An Outdated Fuse-Based System?

If so, you'll want to upgrade your electrical system as soon as possible. A fuse-based system can be dangerous and outdated because if it trips or blows out, you'll need to replace each fuse before turning on any power again. This makes it difficult for homeowners who aren't electricians or don't know how electricity works.

Do You See Any Rust Or Corrosion?

Rust or corrosion on the outside of your breaker box can indicate water damage from leaks or other problems. If this is the case, you should bring in a licensed electrician because these issues can cause fires and other electrical problems.

Do You Hear Any Unusual Sounds?

If you hear sounds from your breaker box — like buzzing or clicking — it could indicate a critical concern with your electrical system. This could also mean that you have loose wiring somewhere in your home or business, leading to an electrical fire if left unchecked.

Does Your Breaker Box Feel Hot To The Touch?

A breaker box should never feel hot to the touch — this is a sign of an issue with your current system, and it needs to be replaced immediately. In most cases, a new breaker box will solve this problem and ensure that your home continues to operate safely.

Are You Purchasing Newer Larger Appliances?

Suppose you buy new appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, or furnaces for your home. In that case, it's essential to make sure that they will fit inside the existing space provided by your current breakers and fuses. It's also important to consider whether or not you'll need additional outlets and whether there are enough circuits available to install such appliances.

Are You Adding Additional Outlets?

If you've been adding more outlets throughout your home but haven't had them professionally installed yet, there may be problems with your current system. It's essential to have these outlets installed correctly by a licensed electrician because improper installation could result in electrical issues down the road (such as short circuits). A new circuit breaker panel will allow for these extra outlets without any concerns about safety or functionality.

Has Your Breaker Box Received Direct Damage?

If water has entered your breaker box, the first thing you need to do is shut off the main power supply to your home. This can be done by turning off the main breaker switch at the top of your panel or tripping the circuit breakers individually. Once this is done, call Mr. Electric for a breaker box replacement.

Mr. Electric For Your Breaker Box Replacement Needs

If you notice any issues with your breaker box, it's essential to have it inspected by an experienced electrician as soon as possible. If left unchecked, a faulty breaker box can lead to serious safety issues and even fire hazards. If you're unsure if you need a new breaker box or if there are other issues with your electrical system, our team at Mr. Electric can help!