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January 06,2023

Protecting Your Electrical System in Summer

While electrical issues can arise any time of the year, the summer season can be particularly grueling. A combination of excessive heat, severe storms and summer activities can put a lot of stress and strain on your circuits. Failing to prepare your system for the summer can have devastating results, like power failure, damaged appliances, electrical fires and personal injury. Avoid these issues by investing in quality services from the experts at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth. Our licensed and insured electricians are proud to offer residential and commercial electrical services including inspections, wiring upgrades, dedicated circuit installation, outdoor wiring installation, ceiling fan repair, lighting replacement and more. Want to learn more about summertime electrical issues and how you can overcome them? Here is some more information that can help save North Texas homeowners trouble this summer. 

Water Hazards

Swimming pools, Slip ‘n Slides, water balloon tournaments and similar forms of backyard entertainment give families a break from the extreme heat of Texas weather. Hundred degree days make water sports even more popular, but it’s important to keep electrical safety in mind when engaging in any activities that involve water. Make sure excessive moisture stays far away from extension cords, outdoor circuits and electronic devices.

Aluminum Wiring 

Constant fluctuations in temperature can put extra stress on aluminum wiring. Since aluminum wires are already prone to failure and fires, older homes who haven’t upgraded are even more likely to suffer from outages and safety hazards. Replacing your outdated electrical system will not only give you a more efficient source of power for your modern electronics, but it will reduce the chances of running into dangerous electrical trouble down the road. 


The summer season in North Texas is notorious for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. This usually means enduring lightning strikes and long term power outages. Whole home surge protection and a standby generator installation will help keep your power running when an emergency arises. Dealing with power outages can cost homeowners a lot of money and strife. Many have to struggle through the heat without air conditioning, expensive electronics and appliances can become damaged and some families may have to throw away hundreds of dollars’ worth of food. Having whole home surge protection and a quality standby generator will serve to protect and defend your loved ones and preserve your investments. 

Overloaded System

During the summer, it’s easy to overload your electrical system. The kids are usually home from school, which means your TV and video game systems will be pushed to the brink. In addition, weekend parties and Fourth of July barbecues will require a lot of extra energy to keep guests entertained and cared for. Make sure your electrical system is up to the task. Using extension cords outdoors and abusing plug bars will only put yourself and others at risk. If you’re still trying to run your household on a 100 amp service, consider upgrading to 200 amps. Also, be sure you have enough outlets inside and outside.

Need a Certified Electrician in North Texas? Call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth

Is your electrical system prepared for this summer’s heat wave? If not, then get the help you need from the licensed and insured electricians at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, Texas. Call today for more information or to schedule an appointment for your next inspection, wiring replacement, circuit installation or electrical service panel upgrade.