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June 28,2022

What Does a Circuit Breaker Do?

Most Texas homeowners are aware that their circuit breakers perform an essential role in their electrical system, but not everyone knows a lot about how they work and what they do. At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we provide professional residential and commercial electrical services in North Texas, and we understand how important it is for property owners to be informed about their circuit breaker. Our Fort Worth electricians perform a lot of circuit breaker repairs and replacements due to age and/or neglect. Maintaining your circuit breakers will help keep your electrical system safe and in great health. While potential circuit breaker issues may require the help or a certified electrician in DFW, quality care starts with adequate knowledge. That’s why we’ve created this article to help property owners like you discover more information about these powerful devices. 

How Do Circuit Breakers Work? 

The main role of a circuit breaker is to detect excess current and stop it before a problem occurs. When a circuit becomes shorted out or overloaded, it will cut off the current to the appropriate channels until the issue is resolved. Inside your service panel you’ll find a variety of levers, all of which control and protect different circuits throughout your home. Each one of the circuits is engineered to “trip”, or turn off if the amperage load becomes too large. This safety precaution allows your family to avoid dangerous electrical fires and injury by preventing the flow of energy so you can stay safe until a licensed and insured electrician in DFW can perform a professional repair. 

Why do Circuit Breakers Trip?

While there are many reasons for tripping the breaker, our Fort Worth electricians often discover there are three underlying causes:


  • Overloaded Circuits – Usually caused by using too many power-hungry devices at the same time or trying to win the neighborhood holiday decorating contest. 
  • Short Circuits – Short circuits normally happen when faulty wiring within a powerful appliance or device creates an excess amount of energy being pulled from your electrical system. 
  • Ground Fault – This problem presents itself when too much moisture has accumulated, often in the kitchen or bathroom. Modern homes usually avoid this issue by installing GFCI’s for added protection. 


How to Locate and Reset Your Home’s Circuit Breakers

If your circuit breakers are tripped, you could be left in the dark and without adequate electricity. That’s why it’s important to know where your panel box is at, so you can quickly address the issue. Breakers are found in your property’s breaker box or panel box. These are usually located in the garage, basement or utility closet. If you’re having a hard time finding it, check around the outside of your home for the electrical meter. It is usually located relatively close to the breaker box for safe distribution. To reset, look at the switches and take note of which ones say ON or OFF. If the toggle is pointing away from the center, then it is OFF. Switch it back to the ON position and close the panel door. If the switch is stuck halfway between, you will need to push it all the way into the OFF position before turning it ON to successfully reset. 

Need Help from a Certified Electrician in DFW? Call the Experts at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth 

The occasional tripped breaker doesn’t necessarily point to an ongoing problem. However, if you’ve discovered that one are of your home is particularly sensitive or if using a certain circuit consistently causes the power to shut off, then there’s a larger issue at play. Ignoring these kinds of issues can put your loved ones at risk for electrocution or electrical fires and can also damage expensive electronics. Thankfully, the Fort Worth electricians at Mr. Electric are ready to help. If you’re struggling with faulty wiring, damaged circuits or unreliable power, call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth right away. We’ll send a team of certified professionals to your home or business, so you can get back on track quickly and affordably.