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November 27,2017

Do Ceiling Fans Save You Money on Energy Bills?

Ceiling fans have many benefits from providing extra lighting to adding a touch of style to your rooms, but what about saving money on energy bills? This “benefit” is not as clear cut, and your friends here at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth are happy to clear things up. The short answer is that ceiling fans CAN save you money on energy bills, but a lot of the time they rack up bills instead. Continue reading for details. If you are looking to save on energy bills, then consider consulting with a reliable electrician at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth.

What Ceiling Fans Do

Let’s start with the obvious: ceiling fans do NOT cool the air. Rather, they circulate air. This can have cooling effects as the ceiling fan wicks sweat from your skin to cool you down as it blows air onto you. It is actually the air conditioner that gets the cooling done, moving cold air into and hot air out of your home and living space.

So, unless you are physically in the room while the ceiling fan is running, it is not going to do you any good. Keeping the ceiling fan on in an empty room is only going to rack up the energy bills. If you want to save money, then start by turning the ceiling fan off when you leave the room, or when the room is empty.

Ceiling Fans CAN Save on Energy Bills

The ceiling fan does make you feel cooler through the method described earlier, by wicking sweat off of your body. In fact, a ceiling fan can make the room feel a few degrees cooler for this reason. If you want this to translate into energy savings, then you will have to make some adjustments to your air conditioner though.

If you want the room to feel like a comfortable 72 degrees, for instance, you should raise the temperature on your thermostat by a few degrees. Bring that thermostat to about 77 degrees and turn the ceiling fan on. Now, the air conditioner – which uses more energy than a ceiling fan – will be working less, but you will be enjoying the same temperature of about 72 degrees thanks to the ceiling fan.

Summary: How to Save on Energy Bill with Ceiling Fan

To summarize, you can save on energy bills with these two simple steps:

  • Raise the temperature on your thermostat by a few degrees. You can play between four and six degrees, or even a wider range, to find the best comfort for yourself.
  • Just like you do with your lights, only turn the ceiling fan on when you are physically in the room. Otherwise, you will not be getting the benefit of the ceiling fan. Rather, you will just be wasting electricity.

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