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September 21,2018

Troubleshooting Residential Circuit Issues

Have you recently started having trouble with your home’s electricity? Before you get out your toolbox, it’s important to understand the dangers of performing any DIY electrical repair or maintenance task. While there are many projects for handy homeowners to tackle, there’s a big difference between grouting tile and installing a dedicated circuit. At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we want our North Texas neighbors to have safe and effective electrical systems. Our licensed and insured Fort Worth electricians have many years of experience working with a variety of electrical issues, and along the way we’ve seen what can happen when overeager property owners take matters into their own hands. So, how can you tell which electrical tasks are safe to take on yourself, and which one’s should be left to the expertise of qualified electricians in Fort Worth? Read more to find out. 

Which DIY Projects are Often Safe for Homeowners to Perform?

There are some basic electrical tasks that can be safely conducted by cautious and well prepared homeowners. These include:

  • Replacing Blown Out Bulbs
  • Simple Overloaded Circuits Fixes
  • Dysfunctional Dimmer Switch Repair
  • Basic Recessed Lighting Problems

Electrical Troubleshooting in Fort Worth, TX

Always Follow Safe Practices 

If you’ve decided to try your hand at fixing these simple electrical problems, always be sure to put safety first. Avoiding electrocutions and fire hazards are essential to protecting yourself, your loved ones and your home. Before you begin, take the following steps:

  • Make sure your breaker is turned off and there isn’t any electricity flowing to the circuit you will be handling.
  • Inform friends and family that the breaker switches are temporarily off limits by placing a piece of tape with a warning over the panel box.
  • Test the outlet with a non-contact electric tester to ensure there isn’t any electricity present. 
  • Recap wires when working to reduce the possibility of mistakes.
  • Don’t perform electrical work if moisture is present. 

Call Professional Electricians in Fort Worth When Confronted with These Electrical Issues

While changing out lightbulbs and dimmer switches may be low risk, the majority of electrical repairs, installations and replacements are dangerous when performed by those who aren’t professionally trained. Anytime you’re dealing with wiring problems, it’s best to get help from someone who is highly trained and experienced. Problems like repeatedly dimming or flickering lights, malfunctioning outlets, frequent breaker trips, humming and buzzing sounds, underperforming power supplies, outdating wiring issues and water related emergencies should always involve the assistance of someone with the skills, equipment and knowledge needed to safely assess and solve the situation.

Need Help from a Certified Fort Worth Electricians? Call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth Today 

Is it time for your next electrical repair or installation project? If you want to ensure the safety and quality of your electrical system, call the experienced team at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth. Our highly trained, certified Fort Worth electricians are ready to put their tools to work for you. Contact our office to speak with our friendly customer care team or to schedule an appointment with licensed and insured electricians in Fort Worth, Texas and the surrounding DFW area.