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December 10,2022

Preparing for a Power Outage

Struggling with power outages can be extremely frustrating for home and business owners. It can become a nightmare if the problem persists longer than a day, and you’re completely unprepared. At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we provide premium electrical services for residents and businesses in Fort Worth, Arlington, Mansfield, Weatherford and other nearby DFW communities. North Texas has seen it’s fair share of extreme weather, from tornadoes to powerful thunderstorms. If you have a home or business in the DFW area, it’s vital that you have a plan in place for staying safe and comfortable when the lights go out. Here are a few tips that can help you and your family weather the storm like a champ. 

Keep an Emergency Survival Kit on Hand

Always have an emergency survival kit ready for your family. You may need it for a variety of urgent scenarios, not just power outages. However, many natural disasters and emergency events will coincide with a power grid failure, and so it’s best to have the right tools available in your kit. Gather the following survival essentials and keep them in a safe place that’s easily accessible in the dark:

  • Flashlights and Battery Powered Lanterns
  • An Extra Set of Batteries or a Solar Powered Battery Charger 
  • Hand Cranked Emergency Radio
  • Non-perishable Food Storage Including a Week’s Supply of Water
  • Fully Stocked First Aid Kit for Unexpected Medical Issues

It’s also a good idea to keep a full tank of gas or safely store a few gallons of gasoline so that you can leave home. Gas stations often close or price gouge during emergency situations, and nearby hotels may be fully booked by the time you decide it’s time to go. If you choose to stay home during a severe power outage, be sure to use the flashlights, not candles, to avoid dangerous fires. Electrician in Arlington

Install Whole Home Surge Protection or Unplug and Disconnect All Appliances and Devices

Enduring the blackout is only half the battle. When the power is restored, it can send an electrical surge through your home’s wiring, and cause major damage to expensive electrical devices and appliances. Keep your refrigerator, computers, televisions and ovens safe by unplugging or disconnecting them quickly after the power goes out. If you want to avoid frantically running around your house every time the electric company makes a mistake, install whole home surge protection. Doing so will make sure that every electrical circuit in your house stays safe without hassle, leaving you time to perform other important tasks. 

Avoid Opening the Fridge to Keep Food from Spoiling

Sometimes power outages will last more than 48 hours, which is enough time for the food in your refrigerator to spoil. The average family can have $300 or more worth of groceries stocked in the fridge and freezer. The cost can rise even more for households who keep an extra deep freeze in the garage. It’s important to keep your refrigerator’s doors closed for as long as possible. Eat the nonperishable items in your emergency food storage first. 

Get a Quality Standby Generator Installed and Avoid the Outage Altogether

Of course, the best way for families to survive a power failure is to avoid it completely by installing a standby generator. While mobile generators can be somewhat useful in a crisis, they aren’t very practical. They can’t be used indoors, as the fumes from the diesel fuel will create a toxic environment. This means that an extension cord must be ran through a window or door, and connected outside. These kinds of generators also don’t provide very much power and can only be used to power a handful of devices at a time. The absolute best solution for both families and businesses is to install a standby generator that is connected to your property’s electrical system. When a blackout occurs, the generator will automatically switch on and provide consistent, reliable electricity until the power is restored. 

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Are you ready to install a generator or whole house surge protection? Contact the licensed and insured electricians at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth. Our team of certified professional can discuss your needs one on one and help provide the perfect solution for your lifestyle and budget. Call our office to find out more information or to schedule a convenient appointment with a DFW electrician near you.