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August 01,2021

What Are the Types of Electrical Wiring?

To the average person, electrical wiring all looks the same. In fact, the average person rarely witnesses the electrical wiring first-hand. Homeowners who are interested in performing DIY electrical projects, however, know that electrical work is intricate work and there are many types of electrical wiring. Your friends here at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth are happy to put together this article going over the different types of electrical wiring used in residential properties. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you would like to hire a nearby electrician, then call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth to speak with a live representative.

Cleat Wiring

Cleat wiring is an outdated wiring system that is occasionally used nowadays as a temporary wiring system. Cleat wiring is comprised of ordinary VIR or PVC insulated wires which are braided and held on walls or ceilings by “cleats,” or insulated clips that hold pipes.

Cleat wiring is a simple and cheap wiring system great for temporary usage in under-construction buildings or army camping, for example. Because the wires are exposed, inspection is quick and easy. However, these benefits are also disadvantages. Exposed wires are both unsafe and visually unpleasant. They are also exposed, meaning they don’t last very long.

Batten Wiring

Similar to cleat wiring, batten wiring has wires which are fairly exposed and held in place by link clips or buckle clips. In this system, the wire or group of wires is laid over a wooden batten. Batten wiring also suits low-key installations, but is more durable than cleat wiring and looks slightly better. Still, installing this outdoors can be dangerous as the wires will be exposed to the elements.

Conduit Wiring

Conduit wiring is the more popular and protective type of electrical wiring system. In this system, the wires run through metallic or non-metallic conduits. These conduits protect the wiring from humidity, debris, and other elements. It also protects people and things from the wiring, reducing the risk of electrocutions and electrical fires. The improved aesthetic and safety comes with a price though. Conduit wiring is unsurprisingly more expensive than the previous two wiring systems.

Concealed Conduit Wiring

If the conduit wiring is hidden inside wall slots, ceilings, or floors, then it is called concealed conduit wiring. This is easily the most popular, aesthetically satisfying, durable, and safe electrical wiring system of our time. While conduit wiring has pipes exposed, the concealed version buries these conduits in the walls, ceilings, and floors. Because they are firmly protected and hidden, the risk of damaged wires is minimal. However, electrical work and repairs are more time-consuming in these systems. Good things don’t come free, huh?

Need Electrical Work Done?

If you have electrical work that needs to be done, then leave it to the trained and equipped electricians at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth. Working with electrical wires is dangerous and mistakes can damage your electrical system, fry electronics and appliances, and even cause electrical fires. Call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth any time to get in touch with a live representative.