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November 20,2017

Can I Shower During A Power Outage?

Power outages are a pain in the neck for homeowners in Fort Worth and surrounding areas. They can take away a majority of modern conveniences that rely on electricity and even impact some daily chores. Some people have asked us at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth whether it is okay to shower during a power outage. The short answer is yes, but there are safety concerns. Continue reading to learn about some of our hesitations when it comes to showering during a power outage. If you ever need the assistance of a qualified electrician, then grab your phone and call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth. We can have an electrician dispatched to your location for emergency services any time.

Some Things to Consider

For the most part, your plumbing system, including your shower, does not depend on electricity. However, there are components that might. If you rely on an electrical well pump, for example, it is going to be difficult getting water to your showerhead. The more common issue is with hot water. With a few exceptions, most water heater systems need electrical power to operate. Here are some of the potential scenarios, depending on the type of water heater you have:

  • Tankless Water Heater: An on-demand water heater, or a tankless water heater, heats water as it passes through specific pipes. Because tankless heaters have no reservoir and rely on electricity, a power outage means no hot water.
  • Electric Tank-Style Water Heater: A traditional water heater with a tank can give you something to work with. Depending on the size of your water heater tank, you might have enough hot water to get you through a quick shower. If a hot shower is a priority, then go for it before the water in the tank cools down.
  • Gas Tank-Style Water Heater: You might have the most luck if you have a gas tank-style water heater. While most modern systems incorporate electrical components, especially for ignition, there are models that use an independent pilot an ignition. In the latter case, you will do fine without power.

In all cases, you can still take a shower. The question is just a matter of how comfortable the shower will be. If you enjoy cold showers, then jump on in. But wait! Consider the following safety precautions.

It Is Better Safe Than Sorry

What if lightning strikes while you are in the shower? Don’t worry. That whole struck by lightning while in a shower is a tall tale. In fact, there is very little to worry about when it comes to safety. The true danger, however, is the lack of light. Use a battery-powered lantern so you can watch your step! Avoid candles or gas lamps as they can fall over and start a fire.

A Great Solution!

If you want to ensure you can shower no matter what, then consider getting a generator for your home. Licensed electricians at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth are happy to help you explore your options and handle the installation process. Call now to speak with a live representative.