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December 07,2018

What Causes Electrical Fires?

Each year, more than 51,000 residential fires occur because of electrical related problems. For this reason, many homeowners are trying to find ways to better protect their family and their investments. At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we provide high quality commercial and residential electrical services for local customers including inspections, wiring upgrades and electrical repairs in Fort Worth, Texas and surrounding cities. Here are some of the most common causes of residential electrical fires and what you can do to avoid this tragic event from occurring on your property. 

Common Causes of Electrical Fires 

The majority of electrical fires occur due to the following: 

  • Overloaded Electrical Circuits
  • Faulty Electrical Outlets
  • Damaged or Outdated Electrical Wiring
  • Portable Heaters
  • Light Fixtures

For this reason, take caution when selecting the right bulbs for your lighting system and when using space heaters. Also, it is important that you make maintenance a top priority so that your electrical system remains in optimal condition long term. 

How to Protect Your Family and Property

Many of the most frequent electrical hazards are due to a system that is no longer code compliant. Therefore, if you have a home that was built decades ago, make sure that you have a system that can handle your modern lifestyle. For example, upgrade an outdated fuse box with a new electrical panel, replace outlets with GFCI units and replace old wiring. Also, when you are using electrical appliances or devices, make sure that they do not have a crimped cord, frayed wires or other serious signs of damage since they could ignite a fire. Most importantly, put safety first by investing in hardwired smoke detectors and Class C or ABC rated fire extinguishers in case an emergency situation does arise. 

Determining Your Home’s Electrical Safety 

The best way to assess your home’s existing electrical safety level is to invest in a professional inspection at least once per year. A certified electrician will have the ability to properly diagnose any problems and can effectively repair or replace damaged components if needed. When in doubt, always take the proactive approach. There is no reason to put yourself at risk. Our professionals are proud to offer 24 hour emergency services for North Texas area clients. So, if you have serious concerns about the safety of your electrical system, call our office anytime, day or night. We will send a licensed electrician to your home or business so you can get quality care right away. 

Do You Need an Electrical Inspection or Wiring Upgrade? Call Mr. Electric Today 

Are you ready to invest in an electrical inspection, wiring upgrade or electrical repair? Then call the experts at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth. Our certified electricians are ready to put their tools and training to work for your North Texas property. Contact our office for more details about our services or to schedule an appointment with a licensed and insured electrician in Fort Worth, Texas and nearby metro area neighborhoods.