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October 05,2020

Can Smart Lights Really Save You Money?

Are you looking for ways to save money? You may have already heard of Smart Lights, but aren’t exactly sure if the cost of installation will be worth your effort or investment. At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we enjoy helping our residential and commercial clients find new ways to reduce their energy consumption and improve their electrical system. Here are some of the ways a Smart Light system can put cash back in your pocket. 

Analyze Energy Usage Reports

One of the most exciting bonus features of Smart Light systems is the ability to analyze data in real time. You’ll have access to software that will pinpoint the amount of energy used by your lights and which lights are used most frequently. Having this data available will give you and your family an opportunity to know exactly which lights are draining your funds, so you can make adjustments as necessary. 

Utilize Motion Detection Features

Motion detectors aren’t just for security lights. Smart Light systems also offer motion settings on the lights you use in every room of your home. While this is a feature you can choose not to use, many families enjoy using it. If you or other members of your household have a bad habit of leaving the lights on when they leave a room, this extra benefit can significantly reduce energy waste. 

Remote Access for Convenience and Efficiency

You can also control your lighting from afar. Again, if leaving the lights on while everyone’s at work or school is a problem, then this feature will ensure that all the bulbs are switched off during the day. Remote access is also very convenient, especially for those who feel more comfortable coming home to a fresh, well-lit space. Parents can also enjoy the added security. Turn the lights on for your kids minutes before the bus drops them off, without leaving the office.

Replace Outdated Bulbs with LEDs for Added Savings

In the past, LED lights were very expensive and didn’t always integrate well with available devices. Now, thanks to advancements in manufacturing, design and technology, LEDs are the perfect choice for your lighting system. Using LEDs in your new Smart Lights will provide even more savings long term. 

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