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August 20,2023

How Solar Panels Benefit Your Home

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no – it’s the sun! The sun is an astonishing source of source of energy and, if harnessed to it fullest, the energy could meet our global demands a few thousand times over. Though nonrenewable energy providers like the coal and oil industries would have you think solar power is too expensive, the cost to install solar panels has dropped more than 70% since 2010. This is because the majority of the cost is in setting the foundation or infrastructure (not unlike the high initial cost of building the infrastructure for nonrenewable energy was). However, unlike nonrenewable energy, solar energy is renewable: the marginal cost does not increase as supply decreases as it does with oil, coal, and natural gases. Last but by no means the least, solar energy is clean and helps to preserve our environment and its habitants. We can not say the same about dirty oil and coal which has been devastating our ozone, plant life, and animal life. It should come as no surprise that solar has experienced an average annual growth of 68 percent in the past decade alone! 

If you have been interested in solar energy but haven’t had the opportunity to learn more or take your first steps, now is the best time! Please read on to see the breakdown of the benefits of switching to solar and consider contacting a Mr. Electric of Fort Worth to schedule a local electrician to have this wonderful technology installed and implemented today!


One of the first reasons - and often the only reason – that people give for shying away from solar energy is the false notion that it is too expensive. In fact, switching to solar energy could save you well above $100 a month and offers potential savings from day one! More importantly, solar offers secure and stable energy costs as opposed to the constantly fluctuating prices of your local utility provider. This is because the costs are minimal after the initial installation. There are even tax breaks for residents who switch to solar energy and homes with solar panels sell 20% faster and for 17% more according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

The economic benefits of solar reaches far more than the individual level. Switching to solar reduces the dependency on foreign energy like oil, coal, and natural gas which collectively make up 40% of our imports too often from countries and regimes whose policies do not align with our economic, political, and social interests. The 1973 oil embargo was a tough lesson on the importance of energy independence and sustainability. Depending on foreign energy sources sent inflation and unemployment through the roof. To say this had no effect on the morale of residents would be disingenuous. 

Even on the global level, switching to renewable energy like solar saves on costs to clean up pollution and helps to prevent devastating wars over nonrenewable energy reserves.


Money is not everything – truly. The benefits of switching to solar are so much more than economic. Solar energy is sustainable and clean; solar energy benefits all of us psychologically, physically, and environmentally.

Put plain and simple: nonrenewable energy like coal and oil is bad for the environment and bad for our health. Switching to solar helps offset the carbon dioxide emissions that pollute the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil in which we grow our plants.


Solar panels are ergonomic and pleasant to the eye. They are installed on the roof and take up the same space that shingles take up. While electric cables, nuclear plants, coal mines, oil refineries create bleak and crowded scenery, solar panels are aesthetically pleasing and come in many designs – there are even some shaped just like shingles.