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May 11,2020

Outdoor Lighting to Showcase Your Early Spring Blossoms

Do you wait all winter long for the chance to see you’re early spring flowers? Whether you’re a fan of Crocuses, Winter Jasmin or Snapdragons, the best way to showcase your beautiful blooms day and night, is to install a customized landscape lighting system. At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we enjoy providing quality residential and commercial electrical services, including indoor and outdoor lighting installation, repair and replacement. Are you ready to highlight your ornamental flowers this spring season? Here are some important light fixtures to consider when planning your lighting upgrade. 

Deck Lights

Are you a container gardening enthusiast? Is your patio often filled with gorgeous blossoms all seasons of the year? Then deck lights might be the perfect way to show them off while entertaining friends and family. There are a wide variety of models available. Some lights are designed to fit below railing while others might sit on top of wooden or metal posts. If you like to place potted flowers along your stairways, consider using deck lights on the edge of each step. You’ll provide subtle lighting for your flowers and provide added protection for people walking up and down your deck after sunset. 


Consider adding spotlights to showcase a specific area of your flower bed, or to enhance the effect of a specific garden feature. Most spotlights can be easily bolted onto the side of a wall or installed on a tree’s trunk or limb, so you can provide appropriate lighting at almost any angle. 

Wall Wash

Do you love flowering vines? Whether you want to feature your bright purple Passion Flowers or your dashing blue Morning Glories, a wall wash will provide the best lighting effect. Similar to an interior wall sconce, this light fixture will blanket your trellis with a brilliant glow. 

Path Lighting

Are your flower beds often used to decorate walkways in your yard? Make sure visitors can see the result of your expert landscape design, even when nightfall arrives. These lighting fixtures come in an array of designs. You can choose well lights that are sunk into the ground, directing the light upward for a modern look that’s crisp and clean. Or, you can use fixtures that are staked into the soil, which are perhaps the most common form of path lighting. If you want the illumination to spread outward, consider lights that are canopied, or mushroom shaped. Consider ones with colored glass or bulbs to further highlight the color of the flowers or to match other outdoor decorations. 

Ready to Upgrade Your Landscape Lighting System? Call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth

Have you decided it’s time to take your outdoor lighting system to the next level? Get ready for springtime by calling the experts at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth. Our certified, licensed and insured electricians offer reliable commercial and residential services in Fort Worth, Arlington, Burleson, White Settlement, Lake Worth, Aledo, Weatherford, Texas and other DFW area communities. Contact our office today to find out more, or to schedule your next appointment.