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January 22,2022

How to Prepare for a Winter Power Outage

Naturally, power outages can occur at any time of year. However, due to the lower temperatures, blackouts in the winter are especially concerning due to the season's frequently stronger winds, heavy snowfall or ice storms, or tree damage caused by extreme cold. The loss of a home's primary heating system is serious business. Harsh conditions can also mean it may take utility crews longer to restore power. Here are some basic power outage survival tips and tricks to brush up on before you find yourself enduring a cold-season blackout.

Weatherize Your Home

You won't have many options for heating your home if there is no power. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your house retains as much heat as possible. Weatherizing your home can be as simple and inexpensive as weatherstripping doors and windows or installing draft guards, or as complex as adding insulation to your attic and walls or replacing your entryway door with one that uses less energy. If you need help with winterizing your home, call a qualified electrician from Mr. Electric. You can stay warm without having to use electricity or heat with the help of these various strategies.

Stock Up on Essentials

Having enough food and water to last a few days is one way to get ready for winter. Consider filling jugs, sinks, and bathtubs before a significant winter storm or just before the beginning of what could be an extended blackout, in addition to your bottled water supply. This provides you with a source of water for essential tasks like flushing the toilet in the case that municipal water is unable to be obtained.

Have Your Electronics Charged and Ready

Electricity is easy to take for granted until the lights go out and you can't talk to anyone. To be able to see at night, you'll need a flashlight or a lantern nearby. You can keep up with what's going on in your area during an emergency by using a crank or battery-powered radio. Check to see that you have all of the batteries you need to run your electronic winter storm necessities. Ahead of a winter storm, don't forget to keep your phone charged. In the event of a power outage, you can also purchase power banks to have on hand.

Prepare for Power Surges

There may be a brief spike of higher voltage when the grid is restored to power. Electronics can be damaged by these power surges. Unplug devices and appliances during a power outage to avoid this problem. However, leave a lamp plugged in and turned on so that you'll be able to tell when the electricity comes back on and when you can safely plug in the other equipment.

Get a Generator

Have a home generator installation that uses less energy as a backup in case of a power outage in the winter. While you won't be able to power the entire house, you might be able to run a few appliances and charge your phones. You will need to stock up on gasoline or propane because the majority of portable generators operate on these fuels; however, you should store them safely and in a well-ventilated location away from your home. A gas generator's toxic exhaust should only be run if it's at least 15 feet away from any part of your house. If you need a home generator installation in Keller, TX to prepare for winter, call Mr. Electric and we'll send a qualified electrician your way.