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May 04,2020

How Is Electricity Generated for Your Home?

Electricity has become such an important technology in our lives, that we can easily take it for granted. Yet many property owners often wonder how the lights come on when they flip a switch. How is electricity created, and how is it brought to your home or business for daily use? At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we provide high quality residential and commercial electrical services for clients in Fort Worth, TX and surrounding DFW area neighborhoods. We enjoy helping our customers become more aware of how their electrical system functions, and we would like to help answer your questions as well. Keep reading for more details about how electricity gets to your North Texas property. 

Generating Electricity

Rotating turbines are the most often used method of generating electricity in modern power plants. These turbines are powered by a variety of sources, from natural gas and coal, to wind a water or nuclear energy. The ways in which we are able to produce electricity at large scale is growing every day, as advancements in technology and manufacturing continue to develop. 

Transmitting Electricity 

After the electricity has been successfully generated, it is then transmitted safely from the plant to the areas where it will be disbursed to individual properties. This is performed via a transmission line, where it will go to a nearby substation. From the substation, it will be further administered to the local distribution lines, which are often referred to as the “power grid”. 


Once electricity exits the substation, it travels through the powerlines until it is directed by pole-top transformers. At this stage, the voltage is lowered to a reasonable degree, so that it can safely make its way to your home without causing damage to your electrical system. This controlled, lower voltage electrical current makes its way through your service line, where it can flow through the electrical wiring into your circuits, outlets, lighting system and other electrical components. Finally, you can flip the switch, turn on the television or cook a meal while harnessing the power of electricity. At this point the electricity may have journeyed hundreds of miles from the original source to its final destination. 

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