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May 11,2018

Protect Your Kids with Tamper Resistant Receptacles

Every year, thousands of children suffer from electric shock and severe burns due to the insertion of foreign materials into power outlets. Often, this happens when kids, out of curiosity, try to imitate their parents who plug electrical appliances into power outlets.

While there’re several childproofing solutions such as sliding outlet covers, outlet caps, and box outlet covers out there, observant children can still learn how to get past these proofing methods. Therefore, it’s vital to use a proofing system that safeguards children from electric shock or burns.

Tamper Resistant Receptacle (TRR)

This is a device that blocks foreign objects from being inserted into the receptacle. The spring-loaded shutter inside the tamper resistant receptacle (TRR) won’t allow any object into the outlet until two pressure is applied to both shutters at the same time. Simply put, a TR receptacle won’t open until a two-prong plug is inserted.

This is a very efficient system to prevent kids from tampering with wall outlets because most tampering cases happen when a one-sided object such as keys, paper clips, hairpins is inserted into the power outlets.

Installation of Tamper Resistant Receptacle

You can do the installation by following the guidelines on the packaging. But, you’ll need the service of a competent specialist for efficient work and if electric isn’t your area of expertise.

For an entire home installation, a qualified electrician in Fort Worth TX may check with your local building codes to determine what must be done. For example, the 2008 National Electrical Code mandated all new homes and apartment buildings to tamper-protect their facilities with TRR.

However, it’s best to tamper-protect every wall outlet, especially in areas where infant frequents. This will ensure your little wonders are protected from possible electric shocks and burns.

Mr. Electric of Fort Worth is a certified and experienced company offering professional electric services such as tamper resistant receptacle installation to businesses and homeowners with a proven record of excellent services. Either for new installation or safety upgrade, we’ve competent professionals that will gladly handle your job.

When you contact Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we’ll listen to your needs, access your facility and give you a reliable and efficient installation.

Why Need TRR Installation?

Well-meaning and best-behaved kids can insert anything into electrical outlets, especially when they’ve been studying their parents for a while. They can plug everyday items such as hairpins, keys and other metal objects into the power outlet, which can result in electric shocks, burns, and death.

The shutter in the TRR blocks the insertion of foreign objects into the receptacles, which makes it a perfect solution for parents looking to safeguard their children.

Professional TRR Installation Expert

Electric of Fort Worth offers a reliable and efficient TRR installation. We can make your TRR installation or upgrades happen using the right tools and competent professionals.

When you’re looking to install tamper resistance receptacles in your new or old facility, don’t keep looking for an electrician to handle the job. Just connect with professionals at Electric of Fort Worth for a reliable installation.