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September 03,2017

Why Are Electrical Inspections Essential When Looking for a Previously Owned Home? 

When it comes to buying a new home, there are many factors to consider. Inspections can feel like another responsibility to juggle when you’re struggling to make a final decision. Financial considerations and the stress or anxiety of wanting to finalize the deal has led many families to make a commitment before they really know what they’re getting themselves into. However, ignoring the need for an electrical inspection could lead to many issues down the road. Hiring a certified electrician for your DFW home hunt can make the process much easier long term, because you’ll be sure to avoid the hassles and hazards of electrical fires, expensive wiring replacements and outrageous utility bills. A Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we proudly provide residential and commercial electrical services in Fort Worth, Arlington, Weatherford, Aledo, Burleson and other nearby North Texas communities. We have seen firsthand the negative results that can take place when an outdated electrical system goes unmaintained for years or decades. Here’s a few tips for making sure that your new house will be safe, comfortable and capable of powering your modern life for years to come. 

Common Problems Found During Home Electrical Inspections

Rewiring and updating a home’s electrical system can be a substantial investment, and it’s important for new homeowners to understand what kind of work may need to be done on their new property. Early discovery of electrical problems can help house seekers narrow down their options, and can help people properly negotiate the financial terms of their purchase. During your inspection, it’s important to look for signs of these commonly occurring defects:

  • Safety Code Violations
  • Damaged or Dysfunctional Electrical Panels
  • Wiring that Isn’t Properly Grounded
  • Aluminum Wiring 
  • Frayed Wires from Pets or Rodents
  • Non-Working Outlets and Switches
  • Absence of GFCI’s and AFCI’s

Reasons for Hiring a Certified Electrician

While a generic overview of the electrical system can be performed by a knowledgeable home buyer, it’s important to take it a step further before finalizing your purchase. A basic check for obvious trouble spots can help eliminate a property from your list of possibilities, but once you’ve settled on a favorite, it’s vital that you get a proper inspection from a certified electrician with the training and experience to look for more subtle causes for alarm. Getting an inspection report from a licensed and insured electrician will aid in negotiations with previous homeowners and mortgage lenders, and having an independent evaluation can help provide vital information for those who are seeking a safe and well-functioning home for their families. 

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