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November 22,2023

How Safe Are Childproof Outlets?

There is a wide range of potential risks present for a child every day, and parents are many times delicate to every one of them. There are dangers and hazards everywhere, and it is impossible to eliminate all of them. The dangers in your home, on the other hand, are something you can control. With their eager curiosity for everything, children can gravitate towards outlets inside the house, calling danger for electrical shocks. Childproof outlets are made to protect them from this danger, so how effective are they?

Outlet Plugs

Because they are so close to the floor, electrical outlets can be very dangerous for children of all ages. This makes it especially easy for toddlers and young children to get to them. A potentially fatal electric shock could occur if they attempt to insert a coin or metal fork into the outlet. Here are some outlet covers you can use to prevent tragedies from happening.

The most commonly used outlet childproofing product available is a plug. They are covers made of plastic that plug right into your outlet. These are effective because they are difficult to remove or unplug from the outlet itself for younger children, particularly toddlers.

Swivel Outlet Covers

When compared to standard outlet plugs, these covers are much easier to use. The cover is appended over the power source. You will not be able to plug anything into the outlet through the cover unless you turn the swiveling portion of the cover, which will align the cover's holes with the outlet's. This cover doesn't stop you from plugging something in, and it also stops kids from pushing things in that shouldn't be there.

Sliding Door Outlet Covers

Before plugging in your device, sliding door outlet covers, like swivel outlet covers, let you simply slide the cover from one side to the other to expose the outlet. These have the same overheating and sparking risk as swiveling covers, but some people find them easier to use. If you would like advice on the type of outlet cover to use, consult with an electrician in Aledo, TX.

Do I Need Childproof Outlets?

You must shield your children from electrical outlets regardless of when your house was built. However, the actions you need to take depend on the kind of outlets in your house. Use the outlet covers listed above if you have tamper-resistant receptacles (TRRs). You will need to take some additional precautions if your house was built before 2008 and has not been renovated. This means that it probably does not have TRRs.

You still need to prevent your children from sticking anything into your grounded outlets. When your two-prong outlets become grounded, have an electrical outlet replacement where an electrician replaces the outlets with spring-loaded TRRs.

In many homes, childproofing involves more than just sticking a piece of plastic in outlets that aren't used. Grounding protects everyone in your family. Box covers should be added to all of the outlets that your children can reach once your home is up to date and has TRRs. If you need help childproofing your outlets, schedule an electrical outlet replacement with Mr. Electric.