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May 09,2022

Electrical Upgrades for a Safe Summer

During the summer, a household’s electrical system can be put to the test. The hottest months of the year usually require extra effort from the HVAC system. Kids and teenagers are home from school, with the TV, Video Games and computers on 24/7. And, out of town guests and weekend entertainment become more common. That’s why the summertime is the perfect opportunity to ensure your electricity is safe and secure. At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, Texas, we proudly offer a wide range of commercial and residential services. We want you to have a reliable and efficient electrical system as well. Here are just a few upgrades you can invest in to make your home fun and fire free, even in the Texas heat. 

Replace Old Wiring

If you live in a historic home, or you’ve dealt with pest control problems in the recent past, you may need a wiring upgrade. Keeping aluminum wiring in your 1950’s bungalow, or relying on wires that have been chewed through, is a recipe for disaster. If you suspect your home needs a partial or complete rewiring, a certified local electrician can help get your system ready for 21st century in no time. 

Install GFCI Outlets Where Needed

Another common issue in older homes is the absence of GFCI outlets. These handy outlets offer added protection in areas where exposure to water or excessive moisture is likely. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, home workshops and kitchens need to have GFCI outlets in place to avoid accidental electrocution or property damage. 

Add More Outlets

If you have kids at home and family visiting during the summer, then you could overburden your outlets. Also, throwing large parties with extra lighting, speakers, televisions and bounce houses could also usurp all the outlets. It may be tempting to use extension cords in outdoor areas and plug bars inside, but it’s much safer to simply install a few extra outlets. 

Switch to a 200 Amp Electrical Service Panel

Unfortunately, installing extra outlets won’t provide extra power. If your house is still running on a 100 Amp service, you may need to upgrade to a 200 Amp electrical service panel. Doing so will offer more fuel for your technology savvy family. Best of all, you’ll worry less about overloading your system and decrease your chances of sparking a fire or damaging expensive devices. 

Need to Upgrade Your North Texas Electrical System? Call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth

Are you a North Texas homeowner in need of some electrical upgrades? Get your home safe for the summertime by calling the experts at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth. Our certified, licensed and insured electricians are excited to offer a wide range of residential and commercial services for customers in Fort Worth, Arlington, Burleson, Benbrook, Aledo, Weatherford, Texas and other surrounding DFW area communities. We provide wiring upgrades, electrical service panel installation, Outlet replacement and installation and more. Contact our office to learn more or to schedule a time to meet with a professional electrician near you.