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October 19,2019

Small Electric Vehicles for Summer Fun

Have you considered investing in an electric car, but you aren’t ready to toss out your gas fueled luxury sedan? No problem. Keep your GTO or BMW for daily commutes or long road trips, while enjoying the benefits of alternative short range electric vehicles. Having an electric skateboard, scooter or motorcycle on hand provides a fast and affordable way to ride around town without the need to fill a gas tank. At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we enjoy helping local businesses and residents find innovative ways to make their electrical use more efficient and ecofriendly. Are you looking for a fun new weekend ride? Here are some of the most popular electric vehicles that can help you transition from gas to electric today.

Street Legal Utility Vehicle and Low Speed 

Street legal utility vehicles come in a variety of forms. They are sometimes used by maintenance employees on large commercial sites, or by security personnel in malls or parking lots. While they may not be the best choice for families or interstate adventures, they’re a good alternative for many situations. Try one on the golf course, at the lake house or on a camping trip. They provide protection and speed without the need to start the engine every time you need to sight see or run to the clubhouse for snacks. Some models can also be helpful for students who live on campus, and want to get from the dorms to class without getting drenched in the rain. 

Electric Skateboard

Want something that’s a bit more exciting? If you’ve always loved skateboarding, then you might want to test out an electric skateboard. There are dozens of quality models to choose from with excellent features. Best of all, they’re light enough to carry anywhere when not in use. Take your skateboard on public transportation when you need to get across town, and then ride easy through the park, visit nearby shops and grab a bite to eat without worrying about parking or theft. 


Do you love riding bicycles, but they aren’t practical enough to use as a commuting vehicle? If you live close enough to your work, college campus or weekend hangout spot, then an electric bike can help you get there faster, without the excessive workout. 


Did you dream of owning a Vespa as a teenager? Then you’ll love today’s electric scooters. At a price tag of less than $3,000, modern eScooters offer a stabilized ride for enjoyable driving in town. They’re unique design offers extra seating and storage space so you can take a friend or hold a few grocery bags without feeling claustrophobic. 

Electric Motorcycle

Do you want an electric vehicle, but need to feel the wind in your hair? Then you’re probably going to love an electric motorcycle. There are many impressive models available in the marketplace today, including the LiveWire from Harley Davidson, which boasts a 140-mile range on a full charge. 

Need to Install an Electric Vehicle Charging Station? Call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth

Are you interesting in buying an electric car or alternative electric vehicle? Then give the experts at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth a call. We can help you find the perfect electrical vehicle charging station to suit your needs. You’ll have a safe, fast and economical way to get your new ride ready for the road. Contact our office today to learn more or to set up your appointment.