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January 20,2019

Dedicated Circuit Installation in Fort Worth

Are you tired of struggling with power surges every time you use a large appliance? Are you planning on purchasing new industrial equipment or specialized tools for your business? Then a Fort Worth dedicated circuit installation may be the perfect solution for your needs. At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we are proud to offer dependable residential and commercial electrical services for North Texas customers including dedicated circuit repair, dedicated circuits replacement and new dedicated circuits installation in Fort Worth and surrounding DFW area neighborhoods. Contact our office today and find out how our team of Fort Worth certified electricians can help you achieve your goals. 

New Dedicated Circuits Installation in Fort Worth, Texas

A dedicated circuit can help protect your most valuable electronics and appliances including furnaces, HVAC systems, ovens or washers and dryers. Dedicated circuit installations are always recommended for any piece of equipment that could overload circuits or be potentially damaged by power surges that may occur on shared circuits. Most kitchen appliances, computers and entertainment equipment should be on a dedicated circuit to decrease the chances of property damage. Our experts are excited to offer quality dedicated circuit installation for local customers. 

Dedicated Circuit Repair and Dedicated Circuits Replacement Services Available

In addition to new circuit installations, our professional electricians also offer dedicated circuits replacement and repair services. Ignoring damaged circuits could result in permanent damage to expensive appliances and may even create long term issues with your electrical system. By investing in quality repair and maintenance services, you can rest assured that your investments will be in good working condition for years to come. 

We Offer 24 Hour Emergency Electrical Services for Local Fort Worth Area Clients

Losing power to your kitchen stove, refrigerator or washer and dryer can be a major hassle. In some circumstances, a failed circuit can even result in the loss of heat during the winter, or air conditioning in the height of summer. There’s no reason to put yourself or your loved ones at risk. We know how important it is for you to have access to your families most essential appliances. You shouldn’t have to wait hours or days to get the help you need. That’s why the experts at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth are excited to offer our residential and commercial emergency services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Do You Need a Fort Worth Dedicated Circuit Installation? Call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth Today

Is it time for your next dedicated circuit repair or Fort Worth dedicated circuit installation service? Then there’s no reason to wait. Get help today by calling the friendly experts at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth. Our certified, licensed and insured electricians are always available to help make your next electrical improvement a success. Contact our office to discover more information about our wide range of residential and commercial services or to schedule a convenient appointment with an experienced electrician in Fort Worth or a nearby North Texas community.