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August 21,2020

Commonly Neglected Home Electrical Problems

Many homeowners come across occasional electrical issues, and forget about them after a quick fix, choosing to ignore the need for a more permanent solution. A frequently burnt out bulb may simply get replaced several times rather than getting help with the underlying cause. Or, others might have a specific circuit that regularly trips the breaker, so they flip the switch or unplug the extra device rather than calling a professional. Unfortunately, these kinds of trouble making electrical problems shouldn’t be neglected. They can lead to long term consequences like years of expensive utility bills and can even expose loved ones to personal injury via electrical fires or electrical shocks. It’s always best to address recurring electrical problems as soon as possible for safety and efficiency. If you need an electrical repair or replacement, call the Fort Worth electricians at Mr. Electric. Our friendly staff is ready to answer any questions you have and can also schedule an appointment with a licensed and insured electrician in Fort Worth, Texas or the surrounding metroplex. 

Malfunctioning Bulbs

All light bulbs will eventually have to be thrown out. However, if you find yourself constantly replacing a specific bulb, or have a stubborn light fixture or an area of recessed lighting that isn’t reliable, then there is probably a more persistent electrical problem behind the surface. You may have faulty wiring, you could be using the wrong wattage, the hardware might need to be repaired or replaced, or your recessed lights might be sitting too close to ceiling insulation. 

Frequent Circuit Breaker Issues

If you live in an apartment or condo, or a historic home, you might not have the high-quality wiring or proper number of electrical circuits to power a modern household. If you’re making frequent trips to your breaker box, then there’s an issue that should be handled by a professional. Certain large appliances might need a dedicated circuit. You could also have loose or faulty wiring for that specific circuit, and a quick repair might restore it back to good health. A professional inspection will help pinpoint the exact cause so you can use your hairdryer or sound system without trouble.

Outdated Wiring 

If your home was built before the 1990’s, then there’s a good chance your wiring might need an update. 30 years is the typical lifespan of any wiring system, and certain materials used in prior decades are prone to electrical fires. If you know it’s been a very long time since your electrical system was given an overhaul, it might be time to call a certified electrician near you. 

Get the Help You Need with Our 24 Hour Emergency Electrical Repair Services

Many times, electrical issues surface at inconvenient times. There’s no reason why someone should have to live without adequate power or enduring unsafe electrical hazards for hours or days. Sadly, many electrical companies force their customers to do just that when they don’t offer services at night or on the weekend. At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we always put our clients first. That’s why our experienced commercial and residential Fort Worth electricians are proud to offer their services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for local DFW area customers. If you wake up in the middle of the night and need a last-minute emergency repair, call our office and we’ll send a team of experts to your home no matter what time it is. 

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Is it time for your next electrical repair? Call the expert Fort Worth electricians at Mr. Electric and we’ll send a team of highly trained and certified technicians to your home right away. Whether you need a new circuit, wiring update, whole home surge protection or any other electrical service, our specialists will do what it takes to get your electrical system to work at its best. Contact our office today for more information or to schedule a convenient appointment with an electrician in Fort Worth, Cleburne, Aledo, Burleson, Weatherford, Lake Worth, Mansfield, Arlington, Saginaw and other nearby communities.