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December 14,2020

Common Electrical Hazards Found in Older Homes

Moving into a historic home can be a wonderful experience. For those who love history, few things could be more rewarding than having a house that embodies one of your favorite time periods. However, it’s very important that a homeowner makes sure their mid-century bungalow has a 21st century electrical system that can handle the demands of modern families. At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we enjoy helping local North Texas property owners find new ways to make their electricity more efficient and safe. We also want you to avoid electrical issues and hazards that are common in older homes. Here are some tips on how what to watch out for when moving into a home that was built decades ago. 

Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum is an effective and affordable conductor of electricity. Because of its lower price, aluminum wiring became wildly popular in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Unfortunately, it was discovered that the wires tend to oxidize at termination points. This can result in early corrosion, overheating and fires. If your home still has aluminum wiring in any area of the property, be sure to have it updated as soon as possible. 

Outdated Electrical Panel 

Most new homes have 200-amp electrical panels, which ensures that there are more than enough circuits for modern appliances, televisions, computers, power tools and equipment. Electrical panels of the past normally provided a 60-amp service, far lower than is required in today’s tech dependent world. 

Overloaded Circuits 

Another common issue with older houses is that there aren’t enough plugs. A lot of people may overcompensate for this by purchasing large outlet strips. Unfortunately, this momentary solution often results in long term consequences, like short circuits, damaged electronics and more. After you’ve upgraded your electrical panel, consider installing more circuits throughout your home so you can enjoy your devices without worrying. 

Ungrounded Outlets

Homes built before the 1960’s were ungrounded, meaning that they were missing the ground wire that is standard on modern outlet plugs. Keeping ungrounded outlets increase your risk of electrical fires due to arcing or sparks, electric shock and property loss. Avoid these issues by upgrading your outlets. Keep in mind that people sometimes try to get around upgrading their electrical system by using standard three-pronged outlet covers, but that doesn’t mean there’s really a ground wire present. If you’re concerned about whether your electrical system meets today’s standards, it’s best to hire a certified electrician who can conduct a thorough inspection. 

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