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August 27,2023

Top Five Home Electrical Mistakes to Avoid

It is common for inexperienced electricians to make mistakes when they render home and commercial wiring services because they are careless and they don’t observe the ethics of the profession. If such mistakes are not checked and corrected, they may lead to shortages, malfunction of electrical appliances, shocks and in extreme cases, fire outbreaks. Having the experience and technical know-how will help you to identify such mistakes and correct them before they become worsened. But the identification and correction of electrical wiring should be done by a professional and experienced electrician who is equipped with the right technique, experience, and knowledge. Therefore, if you are considering embarking on a home improvement project or you have noticed that the electrical current in your house is flickering and unstable, then the fault should be identified and corrected by a professional electrician from Mr. Electric of Fort Worth.

Relying on a certified electrician for your home and commercial wiring will give you a rest of mind since mistakes will be drastically minimized and the services are insured. Our electricians adhere to safety procedures because the safety of life and property of our clients are endearing to us. Nevertheless, we want to educate our clients and potential customers about some common mistakes which electrician make while wiring their building.

1) Assumptions

Most mistakes in electrical wiring come as a result of wrong calculations and assumptions from the electrician. A qualified and certified electrician should follow the electrical wiring and installation codes of the state or county for efficiency and functionality. If such codes and specifications and not followed, the consequences can be enormous.  So you should call a registered and experienced electrician to undertake the wiring of your residential or commercial building.

2) The use of small electrical boxes.

If not adequately supervised, some electricians may use small electrical boxes in residential wiring. Such electricians wrongly purchase the components due to assumption or inexperience. Electrical boxes are integrated into an electrical circuit for organizational purposes and to prevent sparks, loose connection, and short-circuiting which may lead to fire outbreaks if not controlled. If the right electrical box is not used in a connection, it will increase the risk of overheating and sparks.

To avoid such mistakes, homeowners should hire electrical installation companies with certified electricians and experienced electrical supervisors who adhere to the right specifications of the National electric code.

3) Mixing high and low voltage wires

Running high and low-voltage wires in a circuit is dangerous and should not be tolerated no matter the reason. For efficient voltage distribution in a circuit, the wires should be uniform. It is recommended to use high voltage wires for heating circuits that have a separate breaker. The low voltage wires may be used for connections to appliances that use minimal current but should not be missed with the high voltage wire.

4) Exposing plastic-sheathed cables

Running unprotected cables under walls or ceiling framing is a terrible mistake with can cause electrocution. Plastic sheathed cables should be protected between framing members with the use of conduit materials to reduce their vulnerability and risk of shock.

5) Installing wrong switches and outlets without clamping the cables

Shoddy wiring involves the practice of not securing the cables with clamps in addition to using switches and outlets of lesser quality. It is expected that the electrician should clamp to cover the wires effectively.

Some of these mistakes can be avoided if the home owner hires a certified and experienced electrical installation company like Mr. Electric for effective and efficient services with guarantee.