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November 15,2019

How Do Electric Vehicles Impact Electric Bills?

Have you been dreaming about switching from a gas-guzzling car to an electric model? With gas prices on the rise, many people are warming up to the idea of driving an electric car. However, a lot of drivers hesitate because they are unsure about increased utility costs. The specialists at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth enjoy helping local property owners find ways to improve the efficiency and safety of their electrical systems. Our electricians offer premium commercial and residential services, including electric vehicle charging station installation. If you are hesitating to move forward with your investment, then read below for some important information about charging your new electric car more efficiently.

Will Charging an Electric Vehicle Cause Your Electric Bills to Go Up?

If you are using more electricity than normal, then it will have an impact on your electric bill. Unless you are using a solar-powered charging station, an increase in utility costs is to be expected. The key to success is in minimizing the amount of energy you need to charge your car’s battery each day. However, keep in mind that this small rise in your monthly energy expenses should be far less than you were previously spending on gas. Therefore, you should actually see overall cost savings now that you can skip the gas pump entirely.

How Much Does the Average Driver Pay to Charge their Electric Car?

There isn’t an exact cost average for charging an electric vehicle because there are multiple factors involved, such as car model and local utility fees. However, the typical range of electrical costs associated with charging a car daily is around $50 to $100 over a thirty-day period. This amount can rise substantially for drivers dependent on commercial charging stations or those who don’t have the proper charging equipment to charge efficiently.

Benefits of Investing in an Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation Service

When you invest in an electric vehicle charging station installation in your own home, you can avoid unnecessary expenses. You won’t need to take a detour to wait in line at the nearest car dealership or commercial station. And you can also say goodbye to the potential electrical hazards and resulting repair costs. You’ll also get more out of your vehicle. Those who attempt to use a standard outlet to charge their vehicle quickly find that they can’t drive their vehicle very far without needing a recharge. No one wants to make a car payment for a vehicle that spends half of its life in the garage. Save money and enjoy your ride by getting your very own charging station installed by the professionals at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, TX.