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July 14,2018

How to save money on electrical installations

Energy conscious decisions are probably the smartest ways of saving cost on energy bills because an enormous amount of money is spent annually on heating and cooling appliances by businesses and homeowners in the United States. The first step to reducing the cost of energy bills in our homes and offices is to install energy efficient appliances. Through experience and research, we present three unique ways of saving money on the installation and maintenance of the energy efficient appliances.

The installation of programmable thermostats for heating and cooling appliances

Heating and cooling devices account for almost 60% of annual energy bills which can amount to thousands of dollars. Therefore it is paramount for homes and businesses to install programmable thermostats which can efficiently regulate the usage of high energy consumption appliances. With the installation of programmable thermostats by certified electricians from Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, energy wastages can be controlled efficiently.

There are times when employees get careless and may leave the heating and cooling devices in the office to run overnight. While leaving for work, we may forget to switch off the refrigerator and other heating systems thereby incurring high energy bills at the end of the month. If you can install programmable thermostats in your heating and cooling appliances, it will save you the stress of putting off those appliances when they are not in use as and this will also save you a lot of money. 

It does not take much time for such programmable thermostats to be installed by electricians from Mr. Electric. All you need to put a call across to us.

Installation of occupancy or motion sensors

The installation of occupancy sensors in your home or office is apparently the best approach to saving money on lighting costs. We are used to leaving lights on while they are not used. As a result, it adds to the increase of energy bills experienced by homeowners. If occupancy sensors are installed in your home, it will regulate the lights by sensing the presence of people around a particular area to automatically on or off the lights. This helps to reduce energy consumption dramatically so you could have the opportunity to save more money.

You will be amazed when you realize the amount of energy saved by motion sensors. Invite electricians from Mr. Electric to come around your home or office to evaluate and install the right motion or occupancy sensors for you.

Buying and installing energy star appliances

Energy Star appliances are designed to use minimum energy, and they meet certain energy efficiency guidelines. In the long term, you are going to save more money if you use energy star appliances because those older appliances in your home consume much energy which increases your energy bills.

If you can’t afford to replace all appliances in your home with energy star models, then it is advisable to replace central air conditioners or refrigerators that have lasted for more than ten years. Apart from saving cost on energy bills, you will also reduce maintenance costs.

The wrong usage of appliances also contributes to increased energy costs, for that reason, you should educate your employees and other occupants of your home on how to use electrical appliances so that wastages can be reduced.