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January 13,2023

Troubleshooting Residential Circuit Issues

Troubleshooting electrical faults in your home or business location can only be DIY friendly when youre technically savvy. If the breaker trips off or you keep experiencing flickering lights, its recommended that you call a professional to inspect the system and proffer lasting solutions.

This is because handling electrical problems on your home circuit without observing the safety procedures could be a dangerous and complex process. Call experts at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth whenever you notice the following signs about your home circuit.

Flickering lights

Though flickering light bulbs are annoying and could be a common occurrence but sometimes, it is a sign that there is a serious problem with your circuit.

Try these common fixes - check the light bulb to ensure it is screwed in correctly. Then the next step is to check if the light bulb has a wattage that corresponds with that of the fixture.

Many a homeowner uses bulbs with the wrong wattage for fixtures. If however, the wattage is correct, you might need to call in an electrician to perform a check.

Light switches are not working

This is usually a sign of improper installation or a result of using sub-standard products. Thats why its always better to go for a qualified professional. Also, the fault could be a result of bad wiring or circuit.

Call experts at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth to perform a check on your electrical wiring and fix the problem with your light switches.

Bulbs are blowing off frequently

This could be a tiring experience. You fix one bulb today, and it dies the next day. Several factors could cause this.

  • Excessive wattage
  • Insulation too close to the light
  • Poor wiring on circuit and mains

Moreover, its a sign that something is wrong with your circuit and or electrical connections.

Electrical surges

Poor wiring is usually the cause of this issue. It could also happen when lightning strikes. Another probable cause could be damaged power lines or faulty appliances.

You should check the devices connected to the power lines or wiring. Disconnect the power boards or device from the outlet (poor or cheap power boards is a common cause of this issue) If this doesnt fix the issue, you should probably call an electrician like Mr. Electric of Fort Worth.

Exorbitant electricity bills

This could be troubling. You know you don't consume so much, but the bills don't agree.

You should check for faulty circuits, leaking hot water systems, switching from appliances that cause power surges. You should also remember to unplug appliances from outlets when not in use.

If the bills still don't reflect your usage after these checks, you might want to change your provider.

Electric shocks

This could be a very nasty experience. It usually occurs when you misuse electricity. Check for exposed wires. The issue will sometimes arise with faulty wiring or poor appliances. Try using another device. However, you could get jolted again. You should call your electrician to fix the issue.

Mr. Electric of Fort Worth is your reputable electrician capable of handling all electrical issues. We have a track record of excellent service and prompt response to handle clients issues.