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September 09,2017

Signs Its Time to Upgrade Your Outlets

Most times, issues with our wall outlets get unnoticed because people find it hard to take a second look at them. We tend to increase our plugging and unplugging habits when we get new electronic gadgets and devices without thinking or caring about how good the outlets may be.

Apart from damaging the newly purchased appliances and devices, old, dingy and discolored outlets can be a potential danger to your loved ones and could cause a very real disaster in your home. The first step to staying safe is to know the common signs of a damaged outlet and the right time to effect changes.

The tips shared in this blog could save your home from hazards, so we encourage you to read through.

Discolored outlets

When the outlets are discolored, its a significant warning sign that something huge is probably wrong with your circuit or that the capacity of the frequently plugged device is higher. If the fault is not identified and the outlet is not replaced, the plastic surrounding the outlet's receptacle might get burnt when nobody is around and will cause a fire outbreak. To avert impending dangers, try to understand why your outlet is discolored and if you cant figure out a solution, call a professional technician from Mr Electric of Fort Worth, and we will check your electrical connection, make necessary corrections and change the outlet.

The outlet is always hot

Have you ever checked on the outlets and noticed that some of them are always hot and soot surrounds the connection slot? The overheating might be caused by wrong electrical wiring, the age of the outlet or the capacity of the outlet is lower than the load.

So what is the right thing to do in such situation?

Its simple replace the outlet. But that is not as easy as it may seem when you have not identified the cause of overheating. Changing the outlet is let surface dressing. There is need to invite a professional who will evaluate your entire electrical system and probably proffer the right solution.

Maybe youve been working with a particular electrical service provider for a long time; it wouldnt be a bad idea if you give the trained and insured electricians from Mr Electric of Fort Worth a chance. Perhaps, you will find out that our services are better and more affordable.

Old and worn-out outlets

As long as the outlets are working, most people dont care about how old or efficient they are. They can only express regrets when their Ipads, Gameboys, laptops and other valuable appliances get burnt. Dont get stuck with the 1980s technology, when there are lots of outlets with amazing features out there! Though outlets are designed to last long, they arent your antique furniture. If the outlets are old, then they have the potentials of causing hazards and electrical shocks. Its better to do the needful as soon as possible.

Wrong installations

Though, it wouldnt be the intention of an electrician to wrongly install electrical gadgets in your house or business location, such mistakes does happen in rare cases. The outlets might be troublesome simply because it is wrongly installed. Therefore, the solution is to invite another professional probably from Mr Electric of Fort Worth to have a look. Hopefully, the fault will be identified, and everything will work effectively ever-after!