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December 05,2021

How to Replace a Two Prong Outlet with a Three Prong Outlet

Most homeowners today shy away from rewiring their homes for so many reasons, and though it seems to be the safest path to follow, it may not be very convenient. If you live in those not so recent homes having two-prong outlets, then you probably need to upgrade or run out of outlets for electronics.

It is a fact that homes with the old-fashioned two-prong receptacles could run a risk of catching fire when there is a fault that is not detected on time. This is because they dont have the ground wires that protect electrical devices and inhabitants of the building.

Though, the procedure for the replacement could be straight forward and easy, if you do not have the tools or probably, youre not technically savvy, it is recommended that you call expert electricians at Mr. Electric to do the task.

To help you with the DIY procedure, we put up this step-by-step guide on how to replace a two-prong outlet with a three-prong outlet.

Please note that your safety is paramount!

We want you to have in mind that there will be risks or consequences involved when doing this task like appliance damage and electrocution because the two-prong outlets are not grounded. However, you can retrofit a new three-prong or GFCI receptacle into the same box with this procedure.

Step one:

Ensure that the outlet to be replaced is turned off at the service panel. Then remove of the cover and the 2 screws joining the old receptacle to the box.

Step two:

Carefully pull out the old outlet giving access to the wires. Now its time you had the old outlet detached or disconnected.

Please note that old boxes are usually compact, so the new ones must be test-fitted correctly and the wires put back in to fit. If it doesnt, then consider getting a new box.

Step three:

If by any chance the wires are shorter than the required length, a 4-6 extension will be needed as well and can be gotten from any hardware retail for the necessary extensions.

Assuming the lengths of the wires are adequate, youll then look through the terminals and try to single out the Line terminals because they are what you'll be needing. Affix the white wire to the silver Line terminal screw, and the black wire to the Brass Line terminal screw.


Arrange the wires back into the box, hence pressing in the new outlet. Do not forget to fasten the screw into the box. You can now test the outlets by turning it on using the RESET button and TEST button to turn it off.

When it comes to electrical safety and upgrades, you can always count on Mr. Electric. We have trained professionals with many years of experience in electrical installations and upgrades. We have the tools and capabilities to solve your toughest electric grounding problems and interestingly, our services come with great rates and customized schedules. Give us a call today.