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November 20,2017

My Light Switch Makes a Crackling Sound When Turned On

Is your family afraid to flip the light switch on because of strange crackling or popping noises? This can be a frightening experience, but thankfully the issue can be solved with help from a professional electrician. At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we offer premium residential and commercial services for customers in North Texas area communities. Our certified electricians enjoy helping our local clients improve the safety and efficiency of their electrical systems, and we want you to have the same results in your home or commercial property. Here is the reason why your light switch is crackling, and what you should do to fix the problem successfully. 

Why Is Your Light Switch Making Strange Noises?

The electricity flowing through your circuits can create a substantial amount of heat. However, the warmth is kept under control thanks to insulated wires. If you are hearing a crackling sound or loud pops when flipping a light switch, it’s an indication that electricity has escaped the safety of its insulated pathway and is arcing as it attempts to bridge a gap in the wiring. In most cases, this is due to incorrect installation, or faulty and damaged wiring. 

The Dangers of Ignoring the Problem

The heat generated from these rebellious wires can create major hazards including fires, which is why it’s important to fix the issue as quickly as possible. Despite its danger, this is a relatively common problem for property owners. Since light switches are used multiple times a day, wiring can wear out much faster than other areas of the home. There’s no reason to put your property or family at unnecessary risk. If you suspect a problem, be sure to contact a certified electrician who can conduct a thorough inspection. 

What Can Be Done to Solve the Issue? 

In most circumstances, the issue can be resolved with a simple light switch replacement. If the problem is caused by a faulty or loose connection, then this can also be repaired by a professional electrician. In rare situations, the wiring problems can be more substantial due to age or pests. If so, a specialist can inspect your electrical system and diagnose the source of your trouble. If a wiring upgrade is necessary, they will have the specialized tools and equipment needed to perform the task safely and effectively.

Do You Need a New Light Switch or Electrical Upgrade? Call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth Today 

Are you concerned about the safety of your light switches or outdated wiring? Get help from the experts at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth. Our certified, licensed and insured electricians are excited to provide quality services including light switch replacement, wiring upgrades, electrical inspections and more. Contact our office for more information about our large variety of commercial and residential offerings or to schedule a convenient appointment with a professional electrician in Fort Worth, Saginaw, Mansfield, Arlington, Burleson, Benbrook, White Settlement, Lake Worth, Aledo, Weatherford, Texas or a surrounding metro DFW area neighborhood.