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November 27,2017

Electrical Hazards at Home You Didn’t Know About

Electricity is a need in today's technologically advanced society for our daily activities. We depend on it for practically everything, including running our appliances and other devices. Even while we frequently take electricity for granted, it can actually present serious risks, especially in our homes.

In this blog post, our professionals from Mr. Electric will explore some electrical hazards at home that you might not be aware of and discuss the importance of hiring a professional electrician or electrical repair service to address them.

Outdated Wiring

Older wiring is one of the most prevalent and frequently disregarded electrical risks in homes. The electrical systems in many older homes may not meet current safety regulations because they were put in many years ago. Several issues, including overheating, short circuits, and electrical fires, can be caused by outdated wiring.

To solve this problem, you must have a certified electrician examine the wiring in your house. They are able to spot any obsolete or damaged wiring and suggest any required repairs or replacements. By upgrading your wiring, you can ensure that your electrical system can support the needs of contemporary devices and appliances while also improving safety.

Overloaded Circuits

In our technologically advanced society, we frequently plug a large number of appliances and devices into a single outlet or power strip without giving it much thought. A major electrical risk that can cause overheating, electrical fires, and even damage to your gadgets is overloaded circuits.

Consult with an electrician to determine the electrical load in your home and make the required adjustments to prevent overloading circuits. They can add more outlets or circuits as necessary, spreading out the load more evenly and lowering the chance of overloads.

Faulty Outlets & Switches

Even though broken switches and outlets may seem like small annoyances, they might be a symptom of more serious electrical problems. Electrical shocks, short circuits, and fires can be brought on by loose or faulty switches and outlets. It's time to bring in an electrician for a full check and repair if you notice any flickering lights, sparking outlets, or outlets that don't hold plugs firmly.

Aging Appliances

Many homeowners are unaware that outdated equipment can also pose electrical risks. Appliance wiring can deteriorate over time, which can cause problems and even electrical fires. Check your appliances for signs of wear and tear on a regular basis, and if they appear to be old or to have electrical issues, think about replacing them.

Poorly Installed Ceiling Fans

Although ceiling fans are a terrific method to cool your house, improper installation can make them dangerous. Improperly installed ceiling fans run the risk of coming loose, falling from the ceiling, or short-circuiting, endangering your safety and the electrical system of your house. When installing ceiling fans, always use a licensed electrician to make sure they are properly connected and securely attached.

DIY Electrical Work

Many homeowners attempt to handle electrical repairs and installations themselves in an effort to save money. DIY electrical work, however, poses a serious safety risk. A minor error might result in flames, electrocution, or expensive home damage. It's imperative to leave any electrical work to qualified electricians with the knowledge, expertise, and tools needed to complete jobs safely and efficiently.

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