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July 14,2018

Do You Need a Dedicated Circuit for Your New Tool or Appliance?

Are you planning to purchase a large appliance, new power tools or specialized equipment? Many people make the mistake of ignoring the need for a dedicated circuit installation, only to find that they’ve damaged their expensive electronics or created an electrical hazard. At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we offer residential and commercial services in Fort Worth, Arlington, Aledo, Lake Worth, Weatherford, Mansfield, Saginaw, White Settlement, Benbrook, Burleson and other surrounding DFW communities.  In today’s world of advanced technology, it’s hard to know which tools and appliances require its own circuit. Here are a few tips for deciding whether it’s time to invest in a new dedicated circuit installation. 

Reasons for Using Dedicated Circuits

When someone in your home uses too many electrical tools, appliances or equipment on a single circuit, it can cause many problems. An overloaded circuit will most often be shutdown by your breaker. However, relying on your panel box isn’t a solution. Consistent overloads could wear down your system, cause extensive damage to the appliances plugged into the circuit and in some instances, could even trigger a dangerous fire. When an appliance has its own dedicated circuit, there’s no need for your power-hungry device to compete for energy and your electrical system will remain healthy, safe and effective. 

Common Appliances That Require a Dedicated Circuit 

If your tool, appliance or device requires the use of a motor, or is used for cooking at heat, then it probably needs a dedicated circuit. Examples include refrigerators and freezers, ovens and electrical ranges, furnaces, laundry appliances, garbage disposals, microwaves, air conditioner units, bathroom heaters and dishwashers. In addition, critical appliances like sump pumps, water heaters, furnaces and refrigerators should also be connected to a dedicated circuit to prevent flooding, freezing or spoiled food. 

How to Check for Existing Dedicated Circuits in Your Home

Most new homes will automatically have dedicated circuits in areas where large appliances are used, such as kitchens and laundry rooms. However, if you live in a historic home or previously owned property, you may need to check to ensure dedicated circuits are present where needed. Your service panel, aka breaker box, should have labels explaining which circuits are dedicated. If you notice that two appliances are listed on the same breaker, then you need to install a dedicated circuit as soon as possible to prevent problems. Keep in mind that you’ll need to have the appropriate dedicated circuits installed to meet codes and ordinances before selling your house. 

Need a Dedicated Circuit Installation in North Texas? Call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth Today

Are you in need of a dedicated circuit installation for your new equipment or appliance? Then give the experts at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth a call. Our team of experienced, certified professionals provide a wide range of electrical services including inspections, risk assessments, energy audits, dedicated circuit installations and repairs. Contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment with a Fort Worth electrician in your neighborhood.