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February 05,2018

How to Extend Your Electric Vehicle's Range

You want to see how far an electric vehicle can go. How do you extend your electric vehicle's range and drive farther? When buying an electric vehicle, one of the first concerns is how long the battery will last and how far it can go. Unfortunately, there isn't a straight answer to this question. But you might be surprised at the amount of range that can be added to your EV range by changing a few things. Of course, if you want the most significant benefit in extending your vehicle's range, you should contact Mr. Electric for an EV charging station installation in your garage.

Biggest Battery Possible

The most important thing you can do to extend your range is buying the biggest battery possible.

The reason for this is that the bigger the battery, the fewer times you have to make stops at charging stations during your trip. And if you are going on a long trip, that can be very important.

The fact is that most people who drive an electric vehicle will not go more than 70 miles per day. If they do, they will probably have to charge more often anyway.

If you know that you will be driving more than 70 miles per day and want to go farther than that with one charge, then it is worth buying a larger battery to stay on the road longer before needing to stop for a recharge.

Limit Usage Of Heat and Air

One of the biggest drains on an EV's battery is using heat or air conditioning, and this is because these systems require more energy than just heating or cooling the interior of the car itself. Instead of using these features when you don't need them, such as when parked at a charging station, try turning them off to only come on when necessary.

Turn off accessories you aren't using, such as lights, heated seats, heated mirrors, etc., since these can drain battery power even when the engine isn't running.

Try Not To Accelerate Quickly Unless You Need To

Rapid acceleration uses extra power from your battery pack to move quickly from a stoplight or stop sign. However, this isn't necessary, as it takes much longer for an EV to accelerate than for a traditional gas-powered car due to its lack of torque (or low-end power). Instead, try coasting through intersections or keep your pace as steady as possible.

Proper Tire Inflation

Tire pressure is one of the essential factors in fuel economy and range, which works similarly with EV vehicles. Underinflated tires will increase rolling resistance, reducing efficiency and lowering your overall range. Overinflated tires can cause excessive heat buildup, reducing tire life and increasing the risk of tire failure. To ensure optimum efficiency and safety, check your tire pressure frequently (every two weeks or so).

Eliminate Any Unnecessary Weight

There are many ways to extend the range of your electric vehicle. The most obvious way is to reduce the weight of your car. If you can get rid of those extra pounds, your battery will have less work to do, and it will last longer. Every pound you carry reduces your EVs range, so try to reduce the amount of gear you bring.

Store Vehicle In Your Garage

If you have a garage or other covered area available, store the car there when it's not in use. Exposure to extreme temperatures can affect the battery life and performance of your EV, so keep it out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources like fires and stoves.

EVSE Installers

Mr. Electric EVSE Installers are trained and certified trade professionals to install EVSEs in your home or business. We can also help you decide which EVSE is best for your needs. Our specialists can review your options for just about every budget, so consider which charging EVSE will work best for you.

Contact Mr. Electric today for all your EVSE needs.