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December 05,2021

How to Dispose of Electronic Waste 

It’s exciting to get a new cell phone, laptop or video game console. However, many people don’t think about what happens to their old devices after they get replaced. Most consumers simply toss their old technology right into the trashcan, and that can cause big problems for our planet. At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we provide residential and commercial electrical services in Fort Worth, Arlington, Burleson, Aledo, Weatherford, White Settlement and other nearby DFW area cities. Our team enjoys helping local home and business owners upgrade their electrical systems with new ecologically friendly options that both help the Earth and save our clients’ money. However, these upgrades often mean the need to replace existing units with new models, and it’s important that any device that contains electrical components is disposed of appropriately. Here are some steps you can take to make sure you’re doing your part to avoid creating more E-waste. 

Why Is It Important to Properly Dispose of Electronic Waste?

Electronics often contain a variety of materials, some of which can include beryllium, mercury, lead, brominated flame retardants, cadmium and more. When these substances accumulate in large quantities, as they do in landfills, then they will make their way into the surrounding soil as the devices are broken down by nature. After making their way underground, these toxic chemicals enter the water supply, contaminating eco systems and polluting the drinking water of nearby populations. With over 44 million tons of E-waste produced annually, there is a significant risk when consumers choose not to properly recycle their electronics. 

Don’t Blindly Trust E-Waste Recycling Companies

Unfortunately, there always seems to be a handful of people ready to take advantage of any situation. The truth is that many “electronic recycling” organizations have been exposed for their corruptive practices. Most of the devices collected by these groups weren’t recycled at all, but were shipped to foreign countries like China and Ghana where they accumulated in their landfills. This occurred so frequently, that local citizens, including children, can often be seen scouring the trash heaps looking for small amounts gold, copper and silver, which increases their chances of developing cancer and other illnesses from toxic contamination. 

Where Can You Take Your Old Electronics for Safe and Responsible Recycling?

So, with such horrific practices occurring in the E-waste recycling industry, who can you trust to dispose of these items ethically and accurately? It’s important to only use companies that have been certified by the BAN, or Basel Action Network. For simple and easy ways to recycle your electronics, call your city government or local schools, as many communities will have occasional collections with help from a certified recycling program. Another great option is to take advantage of Best Buy’s program. This electronics retailer has made a commitment to only work with certified recyclers who are committed to keeping E-waste out of landfills around the world. Currently Best Buy accepts the following electronic devices for proper recycling: paper shredders, laptops, desktops, DVD players, GPS devices, power cords, memory cards, cell phones, TVs, netbooks and speakers. 

Want More Ways to Make Your Electrical System Ecofriendly? Call Mr. Electric 

Are you looking for more ways to make your electrical system more ecologically friendly? Then call the experts at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth. Our licensed and insured electricians offer a wide range of residential and commercial services including energy audits, solar panel installation, power monitor system installation, energy efficient appliance installations and more. Contact our office today for more information or to schedule an appointment with a Fort Worth certified electrician near you.