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September 04,2022

Can You Wash an Electric Blanket? 

We all know how wonderful an electric blanket can be – offering comfort and a suiting relief during cold winter nights. However, electric blankets get dirty and occasionally need to be washed, but most people are skeptical about doing this. Cleaning your electric blanket is not rocket science, and you don’t require an expensive trip to the dry cleaner to get it done. All you need is to adhere to instructions and do the right things without damaging insulation, wiring and heating elements of the blanket.

Whether you’re expecting guests and you want everything to look clean, or you want to avoid the musty smell from the blanket, you need to follow the procedure below.

How to Wash Your Electric Blanket with A Washing Machine

Using a machine to get the electric blanket clean is highly recommended because harsh twisting or agitation can damage it. Follow these steps to wash the blanket so it will always be in good working condition.

The first step is to unplug the blanket and spread it on the floor to check if wires are poking through the material or any area with damage. Remember, the blanket need very short wash circle so you could use a link roller to remove pet hair and also dislodge as much debris as possible.

Second Step

You need to loosen stains before the wash circle. Activate the pre-soak setting on your machine and soak the electric blanket along with a mild detergent for 5 to 10 minutes. Let the machine run for some minutes to remove all dirt from your electric blanket. You should be careful about the delicate wires and inner components of the blanket; hence, you should be strict about the timing.

Step Three

It is best to allow the blanket to air dry. Try as much as you can to reduce the rinse/spin circles for drying. Please note, before returning the electric blanket to the bed for use, make sure it is completely dry.

Hand Washing Option

If you do not have a large capacity machine and the size of your electric blanket is massive, then you need to consider hand washing the blanket or taking it to a Laundromat.

For hand washing, you need mild laundry detergent and access to a bathtub.

Before soaking the blanket in the tub, ensure that you have removed the control box and cord from the blanket. Fill the tub with water and add the mild laundry detergent. Completely submerge the blanket in the bathtub for 10 to 15 minutes.

Agitate the blanket to remove all the dirt and use the shower for rinsing. After which, you should carefully squeeze to remove water and soap. You can hand the blanket over a shower curtain rod to adequately dry.

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