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March 31,2024

How To Know If You Have Aluminum Wiring

Homes with aluminum wiring are more than 50% more hazardous than those with copper wiring. "Why?" you might ask. Aluminum is a softer metal than copper and tends to heat up faster, which can also lead to faster deforming. These can cause loose connections to form and will lead to more energy being wasted, and if overworked, may lead to fires. These are disadvantages that tell us aluminum is not the most effective metal to choose from.

Indications of Aluminum Wiring

If you’re aware of the hazards of aluminum wiring, you may want to check if you’re wiring is like that as well. There are several ways to understand what type of wiring you have. If you have aluminum wiring, you may have signs of poor electrical connection, such as having outlet shocks, light bulbs burning out too fast, or flickering lights. Because aluminum wiring produces excessive heat, if outlet coverings are too hot to touch or there’s the smell of burning plastic near wires, this can also tell you that your house has aluminum wiring.

If you want an electrical wiring upgrade, do not disassemble any components unless trained to do so. There is a fatal risk and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be very hazardous. Let an experienced electrician from Mr. Electric of Fort Worth come inspect your wiring and install new ones where needed.

Benefits of Copper Wiring

Choosing copper wiring is the better and safer option. It comes with many great advantages compared to aluminum wiring. Copper wiring is resistant to overheating and can prevent melting wires. The wiring is thin, so it allows itself to be bent without breaking. It’s easy to install and is resistant to corroding and rusting. It conducts electricity better than other materials and is compatible with almost all of today’s appliances, making the job of your electrician a little less hard. Copper wiring is the safest and most efficient option you can choose from and will save you a lot of trouble.

Having an electrical wiring upgrade throughout the whole house and tearing into walls here and there would be messy, but a professional can add small shortcuts of copper wiring at the end of each aluminum wiring to improve connections. Call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth and discuss options on how you can upgrade your home wiring safely.

Schedule Your New Upgrade

Now that you are able to identify aluminum wiring and know the benefits of copper wiring, you will probably want to have the better option for your home. If you realize that your home does in fact have aluminum wiring installed, you can call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth to upgrade your wiring. We will be happy to help out and enable you to have a safer environment. Getting professional help is required for this task because of fatal potential risks. We would not like you to risk your safety when instead a trained worker can be assisting you.