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May 25,2020

Benefits of Generator Installations for Restaurant Owners

Modern day business owners frequently have a long list of things to worry about. Thankfully having enough power to run your lights and equipment doesn’t have to be one of them. North Texas storms often bring bad weather, and power outages are a problem that restaurant and café owners must struggle with. However, when you have a standby generator installed on your property, it will be business as usual even if the world around you is left in the dark. At Mr. Electric of Fort Worth, we provide premium residential and commercial electrical services in Fort Worth, Arlington, Burleson, Benbrook, White Settlement, Aledo, Weatherford and other DFW communities. Here are just a few of the ways that a standby generator installation can benefit your North Texas restaurant. 

No Spoiled Food

Retail stores, office spaces and other small businesses may be able to handle a few hours without power. However, for restaurant and café owners, just an hour without electricity could mean losing thousands of dollars in spoiled food. When you have a standby generator on site, you’ll be able to keep your freezers and refrigerators running the entire time, ensuring the quality of your food until the power grid is back online. Best of all, with a professionally installed automatic system, you don’t even have to be on your property at the time of the power failure. The second the conventional method of electrical power is compromised, your generator will immediately turn on, and will go off as soon as power is restored. Rather than getting in your car and driving in a dangerous storm in a desperate attempt to save your food, you and your staff can remain safe until the hazardous weather passes. 

Keep Your Doors Open

In some severe cases, the power can be out for days. Though the treacherous storm has ended, your city could have to go up to a week without adequate electricity. Under such conditions, businesses are forced to remain closed for the entire time, losing thousands more in potential sales. Having a standby generator will ensure that your doors can stay open to the public, so you can continue receiving revenue despite the slow progress of your local utility company. 

Increased Sales and Exposure to New Customers

In long power outages, families are often left without food themselves. They may have emptied their refrigerators in preparation for the storm, or are tired of being hot or bored stuck at home without electricity. In these instances, people may be searching for places where they can get a nice meal in a comfortable space. Unfortunately, businesses that don’t have a generator will be forced to remain closed during the outage, and potentially for days afterward as they recoup the loss of their damaged inventory. In contrast, those with generators will be given an opportunity to provide much needed services to their local citizens when they need it most, and gain loyal long term customers in the process. 

Are You Ready to Install a Standby Generator for Your Restaurant or Café?

Is it time for you to become prepared for a possible power outage? Install a standby generator in your North Texas restaurant. Call the experts at Mr. Electric of Fort Worth today to discuss your unique needs or to schedule a convenient appointment with a certified electrician near you.