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May 19,2024

Busting Common Electrical Myths

Although electricity is the driving force behind our contemporary existence, there are numerous misconceptions regarding its safety and usage. If believed and implemented, these misconceptions can be detrimental and expensive.

In this blog post, our professionals from Mr. Electric will debunk some of the most common electrical myths to help you stay safe and informed

DIY Electrical Work is Safe and Easy

The complexity and risks associated with electrical repairs and installations are frequently underestimated by many homeowners, who believe they can manage them by themselves.  Despite the simplicity of replacing a light bulb, other duties necessitate specialized knowledge and tools. Serious injuries, electrical accidents, or damage to your home's electrical system may result from DIY electrical work.

In order to guarantee that they can address electrical issues in a safe and effective manner, professional electricians undergo rigorous training and certification procedures. Employing an electrical repair service guarantees that the task is executed accurately, adheres to local regulations, and reduces the likelihood of future complications. It is an investment in your own security and tranquility.

Low Voltage Means Low Risk

It is a prevalent misconception that low voltage systems are inherently secure. Although it is accurate that high voltage is more hazardous, low voltage can still present substantial hazards. In certain circumstances, electrical discharges from low voltage systems can result in severe injuries or even death.

Safety precautions should be implemented regardless of the voltage. This includes using insulated tools, wearing protective gear, and ensuring the power is off before beginning any work. If uncertain, seek the advice of an electrician to evaluate and mitigate the hazards.

Power Strips and Extension Cords Are Interchangeable

Power panels and extension cords are frequently interchanged by individuals who believe they serve the same purpose. Power strips, on the other hand, are intended to offer an additional outlet, frequently with surge protection, whereas extension cables are intended to temporarily extend the reach of an outlet.

Overloading power panels or employing them as permanent solutions can result in fires and overheating. Exposed wires and electrical shorts may result from the improper use of extension cords, which can cause stumbling hazards and premature wear. Always use these instruments as intended and consult an emergency electrical repair service for more permanent solutions.

New Homes Don’t Have Electrical Problems

It is a common misconception among homeowners that new homes are devoid of electrical issues. Nevertheless, new constructions may be plagued by concealed issues as a result of inadequate materials, rushed work, or neglected inspections.

Even in new residences, it is imperative to have a professional electrician conduct comprehensive inspections. The safety and reliability of your electrical system can be guaranteed by conducting routine maintenance and inspections, which can identify issues at an early stage.

Appliances are Safe to Use Immediately After a Power Outage

After a power outage, many believe it's safe to resume using appliances immediately. Nevertheless, sensitive electronics and appliances may be harmed by sudden surges or fluctuations in electricity upon power restoration.

In an effort to safeguard your appliances, it is advisable to disconnect them during an outage and to wait a few minutes after power is restored before re-plugging them. Additional safeguards may be implemented by employing surge protectors and consulting with an electrical service.

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