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February 19,2022

Benefits of Full-Spectrum Lighting

Interior lighting is an ironically overlooked aspect of home design. In addition to providing visibility, lighting has a huge impact on the atmosphere and ambiance of a room as well as the psychological state of the people in the room. Not all light sources are created equal though. Ideal lighting will emphasize architectural highlights, prevent eye soreness and fatigue, and keep energy usage in check.

Full-spectrum lighting offers a lot, and Mr. Electric of Fort Worth is here to go over some of those benefits. If you ever need a certified electrician to investigate, repair, or upgrade your lighting installation, then give Mr. Electric a call. Our live representatives are always ready to take your call.

What Is Full-Spectrum Lighting?

As the name implies, full-spectrum lighting emits light that is distributed across the visual spectrum, from red to purple. Meanwhile, other light sources such as incandescent bulbs and LEDS produce uneven distributions. Incandescent bulbs emit more energy in the red wavelengths than in blue and green. LEDS, on the other hand, produce light mostly in the blue wavelengths. Though it might be difficult to notice these differences while in the room, a side-to-side comparison will accentuate the differences.

Benefits of Full-Spectrum Lighting

So, why make the switch to full-spectrum lighting? So what if there’s more blue or red in the light? We are glad you asked. The benefits go far and deep:

  • Higher color rendering index (CRI): With a CRI of around 90, compared to fluorescent bulbs’ 60-70, full-spectrum lighting offers superior color rendering. This simply means you will be able to discern visual characteristics of objects more easily. This is crucial for creatives working in art, graphic design, and photo or video editing.
  • Healthy Living: Studies have shown that light therapy can reduce the severity of bipolar depression and seasonal affective disorder, a type of depression. Proper lighting is also good for the eyes, minimizing eye strain and soreness. All in all, full-spectrum lighting supports healthy living.
  • Better Sleep: Speaking of healthy living, full-spectrum lighting can help stabilize circadian rhythms and reduce daytime sleepiness. Better sleep at night means better productivity during the day!
  • Energy Efficiency: Full-spectrum lighting can offer the same level of visibility with less energy than traditional light sources.

Bring Full-Spectrum Lighting to Your Home

You have a few options when switching over to full-spectrum lighting. You can simply purchase full-spectrum light bulbs to replace old bulbs, or you can use full-spectrum light filters which are placed over traditional light sources. You can also purchase fixtures, such as full-spectrum lamps, with built-in full-spectrum lighting.

Looking to Upgrade Your Lighting? Hire an Electrician

Have you noticed your lighting is subpar? If reading the benefits of full-spectrum lighting has made you consider upgrading your lighting, then call Mr. Electric of Fort Worth to speak with a live representative today. We are happy to offer an on-site consultation or schedule a convenient lighting installation appointment today. Our friendly representatives and dedicated electricians are on standby to take your call.